Monday, December 9, 2013

Now That I've Decided My Name, I Can Jump the Other Hurdles

I mentioned in November that I'm now a full-fledge member of Dark River Derby Coalition, the local roller derby team. For now, I'm a Skater Tot until I pass a physical and written exam. I've been getting nudged to pick a derby girl name. I've went through tons of them trying to decide. The name has to be one I like because it's what I'll be called during all practices and bouts. It also can't be a name taken by any other flat track derby girl nationwide.

Who knew it was so hard to pick a freakin' name! I wanted Helen Wheels but it's already registered in the database. Then I hemmed and hawed until it was narrowed down to two, Pain Dispatcher and Violet Riot. The final decision came down to the flip of a coin. I got tired of debating back and forth so I let a quarter decide. Because, hey, a quarter never lies! And the winner is (drum roll)....Pain Dispatcher (a play on my paying job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) and my number will be 911.
Now I have an even bigger hurdle to overcome than naming myself. That hurdle is known as the excrutiating pain of shin splits. Yep, I got 'em. And they hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks. If I skate for a long period of time I get in so much pain from the shin splints that I almost can't stand up straight. That's not good because part of the point of roller derby is skating. It's frustrating and I want to punch a hole in the wall.

The practices have been brutal. I've been hip checked and shoulder checked so many times that I have a line of bruises up and down my body. I've done more push-ups and situps in these practices than I have in my entire life. I've been hit so hard I've felt the bones in my neck crack and I've fell down so many times my gear is scratched up. All of that I can take and I've been able to suck it up, buttercup. None of it compares to the shin splint torture. I'm not performing at my peak level because of it.

I won't lie, I contemplated quitting during practice yesterday. And it's based on that one problem alone. If it wasn't for having such supportive people on the team and a husband that would kill me because he's already dumped so much money into the cause, I don't know if I'd have gone this far.

I've been given lots of tips and advice on steps to take to help alleviate the pain. Lots of potassium and water, stretching and exercise during off-days, tonic water, skate insoles.....and the list goes on and on.



Masshole Mommy said...

I have had shin splints before and they sure do hurt!!!

LOVE the name you chose.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Yes definitely start doing specific exercises to strengthen your shins. It will help!

Theresa said...

You go girl! Even though it's brutal, I bet you are going to be so happy you didn't quit some day!

Clever play on the name you chose too. Love it!

courtney erickson said...

Love the name! I hope you can find some relief from those shin splints,they really are painful!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

First off, SO. JEALOUS! I didn't realize you had joined a roller derby team (just goes to show you how behind I am)!

I think the name you chose was PERFECT for you! I love how it actually has meaning behind it :)

All I can say is keep at it and do your best to work through the pain. Easier said then done, I know, but all you can do is what you're doing and when you can't do it anymore, keep going. That's how I deal with my pain!

Keep us all updated on your progress :)