Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Wolverine - Blu-ray Review

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Hugh Jackman returns as The Wolverine and faces his ultimate nemesis in an action packed life-or-death battle that takes him to modern day Japan. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his limits, Logan confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality; an epic fight that will leave him forever changed.
I'm not necessarily an X-Men diehard, but like to watch movies with lots of action and plot. The Wolverine has plenty of both.

The Wolverine starts out with Logan's (aka Wolverine) grief over a death. He then comes face-to-face with an old friend who wants to repay a gratitude debt by promising Wolverine mortality and ridding him of his claws. Logan/Wolverine struggles with personal demons and whether his immortality and claws are a curse or a blessing. There are several villains along the way who wish to be rid of Wolverine altogether, along with lots of action and bloodshed. There is a lot of extreme language and some material may not be suitable for children but this is a commendable adrenaline-packed movie with in-depth background material on Wolverine's life and struggles.


Masshole Mommy said...

Chris & I saw this in the theater and loved it!!

VickieC said...

I haven't seen this but I think my grown sons would like it,,maybe a bit too much for the grandsons