Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giving the Dog Deal Another Try

Because we're glutton for punishment, we've adopted another dog. Again, I wasn't exactly on board with getting another one so soon but the husband had a different opinion. It's not necessarily that I didn't want one; I've just had a lot of turmoil and sadness surrounding dogs recently.

Our newest is a lab/pit mix and she's six weeks old. A teenage boy acquired her and brought the pup home. Momma screeched the brakes on that one and told him to find new owners. We'd be those new owners.

I named the pup Helen, a homage to my nickname. We've had her for a few days now and she's already warmed my heart. I feel like I'm taking care of a tot all over again but she's doing fairly well with learning and potty training. She's become attached to me quickly. All fingers crossed, she won't die anytime soon and we're pretty sure she's not stolen.