Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Step Above Adulthood: Allyson's Birthday

Today marks my oldest step-daughter, Allyson's, birthday! It's hard to believe we now have two 19 year old kids. In fact, it's hard to believe that none of them are babies anymore.

Allyson is doing very well for herself. In fact, she's caused us very little grief ever. She works part-time at a department store in the mall and is going to college to be a graphic designer. Her witty comebacks always surprise me and she's a country girl at heart. If it involves camo, big trucks, or car rides exploring the countryside, she's in!

We will be celebrating Allyson's birthday on Sunday with a meal at a local Mexican restaurant. Happy birthday Allyson!


Masshole Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Allyson!!!

VickeC said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Stepdaughter,,I have 2 stepdaugthers that I adore,an a step son,,,cant imagine life without them

mail4rosey said...

A big happy birthday to her, and I love her scarf!