Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Busy, Busy

It's been a while since I've participated in Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by Stacy Uncorked. If you'd like to participate in this week's Random Tuesday Thoughts, you can link up at her blog. This is the last RTT she'll be hosting until March.

The weather conditions here in central IL have been less than favorable. In fact, they've been downright crappy. I completely understand why bears hibernate. We've been dealing with wind chill factors in the negative digits and snow in the high digits. Listen up Mother Nature, I wouldn't be against Spring making an early appearance. What's the weather like where you're at? If it's nice and sunny, just dazzle me and lie.
Hubby and I watched a super good movie last night. If you're looking for a psychological thriller that gets your gears spinning, I highly recommend Prisoners. It's about two families whose children are kidnapped and they decide to take matters in their own hands. If only the plot were so simple. It has many "Ooooh, I get it now!" moments. It's not a movie for the kiddos, but is a mindbender for adults.
Roller derby has been somewhat slow lately, due to the weather. Practice is usually three times a week for two to three hours at a time, but it's been crazy cold and crazy snowy so practice has been cancelled on a few occasions. I still have soooo much to learn. I'm hoping to pass my minimum skills requirement test by April so I can make the playing roster. If not, I'll be okay with being the water girl.

On the plus side, me and my teenage son went skating Friday night with my brother (who is the derby coach) just for recreational purposes. For the first time since I joined the roller derby team I was able to roller skate with no pain. I was on top of the world. It can only be explained as a natural high that I didn't want to end. I have regular derby practice tomorrow night and am praying, praying, praying that I remain pain-free from the shin splints.

I have only a few more practices to attend before I go from being a Skater Tot to a full-on Derby Girl. My name, Pain Dispatcher, has been officially approved and I've been assigned a Derby Sister to mentor and help me along the way.
Just for kicks and grins me and my hubby, along with our two teenage boys, joined up with my sister, her husband, and her son on Saturday night for a relaxing stay at Stony Creek Inn. It's a hotel with an outdoorsy theme. We didn't have to travel far; the place is only ten minutes from where we live. What adventurers are we!

I'll post more pics tomorrow but we all had a good time swimming in the pool and hot tub, lounging in the dry sauna, exercising in the weight room, and chowing down on delivered pizza. As much as I hate winter, you'd think I would've been smart enough not to swim in the outdoor pool. Nope, not smart enough! Although we were surrounded by snow, I ventured outside for a short dip just to see how brave I was. The bravery didn't last long. Although the pool was heated, it was still kinda chilly. The kids didn't seem to mind though.
It's almost impossible for me to get a picture of Logan anymore. He's the cool jock who would look totally uncool if he cracked a smile or had his pic taken. My sister played Sneaky Steve and captured this pic of him hugging me the other night and it melted my heart. Underneath the hardened facade is a boy who still loves his "Mama Roo."
Jason and I recently joined Small Group through our church and I've been enjoying it more than I thought I would. A group of six couples meet every Thursday to discuss the previous sermon and the things that have been on our mind. We "do life together". It's a comfortable environment to grow in a relationship with the Lord and be friends with a great group of people.


Masshole Mommy said...

The weather here has been sucking, too. It snowed for like 36 hours last week, then it went into the negatives on Saturday. Sunday it was up in the 50's and today it's 19, so everything froze again. Ugh.

Cathy Kennedy said...

It's a beautifully sunny morning with the current tempt 6°. We're expected to reach the lows 20s for the high here in Knoxville, TN. I am more than ready for spring's arrival, but we're more than 2-months away from that. So, I guess I'm just gonna have to grin and bear whatever Mother Nature throws at us. Thankfully, we don't usually see too much of this unseasonably cold weather.

I was wondering about the movie, Prisoners. Perhaps, if it comes on Netflix streaming then we will watch it. Thanks for the recommendation!

I have not been on roller skates in years. At this stage in my life, I think roller skates are out of the question. I never was a good skater, so I really don't miss this sort of activity at all.

Try to keep warm. That's what I'm going to try to do today till the heat wave moves in tomorrow. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I feel you in the cold. Indiana gas been getting blasted by it this week! Such a lovely mother/son photo!