Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordful Wednesday - January's Quincy Quarter Madness

For the third month in a row, I attended Quincy Quarter Madness. It's an event held to raise money for different charities each month. This month the charity was Altrusa, an organization that provides humanitarian relief through multiple avenues.

Before Quarter Madness starts, an all-you-can eat meal is served. Each month's menu is different. This month we were able to dine on fruit pie, beef stew, biscuits, and salad.

It'd be a big flop if I tried to explain the logistics of Quarter Madness to you but it's a cross between an auction and Bingo. Approximately 300 people are in attendance to bid on donated items with quarters and hope their winning number comes up.

In the three months I've attended I haven't won a darn thing. I've plopped down plenty of money but the numbers on my paddles have never been called. This month I did happen to win two door prizes though, a keychain and a magnet.

In the three months that I've attended this event, my sister and good friend always come along. We have a blast giggling, catching up, and losing lots of quarters. This month my son, Adam, came along for the first time. He ended up winning twice. He received a pocket thermometer from Pampered Chef, as well as a large pizza and soda from a local eatery. Beginner's luck!

We have such fun at Quincy Quarter Madness that we plan on going every month here on out. It's a good time for a good cause.

Do you attend or participate in charity auctions?