Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chuggington: Explorer Koko - DVD Giveaway

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Latest Release in Popular ‘Chuggington’ DVD Series from
Anchor Bay Entertainment Moves Full Steam Ahead into Retail
Nationwide – May 6, 2014

Bet you can’t catch Koko! Young trainees and families from coast-to-coast will honk their horns for Koko when she takes the spotlight in “Explorer Koko,” the latest action-packed “Chuggington™” DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Featuring six engaging episodes that help preschoolers tackle everyday challenges and learn important life lessons, the exciting all-new collection puts wheels to the rails at retail on May 6, 2014.


In “Explorer Koko” ($14.98), everyone’s best friend Koko is chosen to carry the King of Buffertonia and his dignitaries on a special tour of Chuggington. The new release also follows Koko as she gets hooked on a computer game trying to beat Hodge’s high score and finds herself in a heap of trouble when her net shooter fails on the tracks! In these six fast-paced and fun-filled episodes, Brewster, Wilson and Koko discover the importance of teamwork, leadership and more. The new DVD also comes complete with Chugger Spotlights, a bonus Badge Quest Episode and adorable coloring sheets!


· “Explorer Koko”
· “Runaway Koko”
· “Fearless Wilson”
· “Koko’s Game”
· “Hodge’s Secret”
· “Inspector Emery”

Win It!

One person will win a Chugginton: Explorer Koko DVD and an exclusive Frostini Die-Cast collectible toy train.

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One ’n Only® Argan Oil - Review

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

One 'n Only Argan Oil brings its pure Moroccan argan oil to a collection of haircare products and styling tools.

One of the world's rarest oils, argan oil is derived from the Moroccan argan tree. Known for its moisturizing properties, it helps to revive and nourish dry and damaged hair.

Argan oil is an all-natural, certified organic, chemical-free beauty marvel. Produced from the argan tree in the deserts of Morocco, argan oil has been used by Moroccan women for centuries for its cosmetic benefits. Commonly referred to as "liquid gold" or "the gold of Morocco," argan oil is a rich source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

I've heard of argan oil but know very little about it, and I'm not quite sure I've ever used products with argan oil in it. I'm up for trying almost anything though and was interested in seeing what benefits my hair would receive from One ’n Only® Argan Oil hair products.

From the hair care line, I received the One ‘n Only® Argan Oil Hair Spray and One ‘n Only® Argan Oil Styling Cream. In all honesty, I'm not sure I'd give them a second glance or pick them up in stores just by viewing the bottle designs. The brown and gold colors, and wordy descriptions do nothing for me. With that said, I'd purchase them in stores now because I have experienced what they do for my hair.

The One ‘n Only® Argan Oil Styling Cream is designed to eliminate frizz while it conditions and hydrates. It's a non-greasy, leave-in cream that comes in a pump bottle. I use it a couple times a week and love how soft it makes my hair feel. I have thick, frizzy hair and the styling cream seems to reduce frizz while adding shine.

The One ‘n Only® Argan Oil Hair Spray helps condition and nourish the hair while adding thermal protection and shine. It has medium hold and isn't real sticky. It comes in an aerosol can and I'm pleased with the way it holds my style in place.

Wordful Wednesday - Walking On Sunshine

There are several parks located in the town I reside. My favorite, by far, is Bob Mays Park. It has a lovely two-mile trail that people can bike, skate, run and walk on. The place is so pretty and serene. Me and Adam took our dog, Helen, for a walk Friday evening.

It was Helen's first time walking the trail. She loved the walk but was not keen at all on the creek. She tip-toed on the water but didn't venture far.

After taking this photo of Adam and Helen together, it struck me how it closely resembled a pic I took about the same time last year of Adam and our now deceased dog, Cisco. Adam was fiercly close to Cisco and this pic assured me he'd be the same with Helen.

The trail at Bob Mays Park always brings me a peace of mind and renewal. It's also an opening for me to have close, quality talks with the kids. Removed from electronics, they tend to tell me what's on their minds and it strengthens our bond.

On a semi-sorta side note, I will NEVER be roller skating that particular trail again. I went with a group of roller derby teammates last Tuesday and quickly discovered that when a butt and gravel have a meetin' it turns into a whole lot of road rash. The speed velocity of skating and stopping downhill isn't a skill I've mastered quite yet.

Is there a trail or park in your area that you enjoy going to?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Eco-Friendly Apps and iPad Air Review - #HelloBetter

I received compensation and product for this post from U.S. Cellular. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

U.S. Cellular encouraged people to recycle their old electronic devices and is providing incentives to do so.  Customers can get up to $250 when they trade in qualified smartphones - including Apple iPhones - at U.S. Cellular retail locations through the company's Trade-In Program.  By participating you'll be doing something good for the environment - every phone that isn't refurbished will be recycled.

Earth day may have come and gone but that doesn't mean we should stop being "green". It's important for us to think of our Earth and how we can protect it year-round. U.S. Cellular offers the following tips, apps and websites that will help people beco
me more eco-friendly: 

Have fun (and get rewarded) by going greener. provides actionable tips and advice to become more environmentally conscious. Plus, users get rewarded with points (redeemable for grocery discounts, gift cards, etc.) by being green (recycling, using less water, etc.).
The fun JouleBug app also provides valuable information about going green, and users can earn badges and compete with others to be the most eco-friendly. JouleBug claims taht users who follow their tips will save an average of $200 per year - which can make your wallet greener as well.

Recycle more easily.
The 1800Recycling app identifies nearby recycling locations based on ZIP code, and provides directions to the recycling cents and lists which materials they'll take.

Share your treasures.
The Freecycle app allows people to give away their unwanted but reusable stuff to people in their local community who can use the items. Post items to give away or make requests for items on this convenient app.

Shop greener.
Have you ever wished there was a good guide that helped determine which products were safe, healthy and environmentally friendly? Meet the GoodGuide app, which allows users to scan products' barcodes on their smartph one to access science-based ratings and scores based on these criteria. Information on more than 170,000 items is available, broken down into different categories such as food, cleaning products and baby items.

Speaking of eco-friendly apps, I've downloaded a couple of them on my new iPad Air.  The Freecycle app has given me the opportunity to get rid of items I no longer use and I've even obtained a couple items from local people that I was in need of.  The iPad Air allows me to download a variety of apps.  Some are for fun, some give lifestyle tips, and others help me with business.  I'm sure there's still I have to learn about my iPad Air, but it's so nice to have a tablet that is convenient and easy to use.  It only weighs one pound but does a lot.  It has high picture and graphic quality and up to ten hours of battery life.  Wi-fi connection is quick and, although I've downloaded extra apps, it comes readily available with useful apps.  With the iPad Air, I have everything I need at my fingertips and it's easy to use.  If you're in the market for a reliable tablet, I recommend iPad Air.

What steps or actions have you taken towards becoming "green"?  Which of the eco-friendly apps sound most interesting to you?  What features do you like best about the iPad Air?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakota's Summer - DVD Review

I received DVD for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

DVD Synopsis:

Oscar® Winner Keith Carradine* (Cowboys & Aliens) stars alongside a young, popular cast that includes Haley Ramm (X-Men: The Last Stand), Jade Pettyjohn (American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars), and Emily Bett Rickards (“Arrow”) in this inspiring second chapter of the beloved Cowgirls ’N Angels story!

After she receives unexpected news about herself, a 17-year-old girl (Ramm) experiences an exciting, yet challenging life in and out of the rodeo circuit in this wonderful coming- of-age story. Filled with heart, horses and high-reaching adventure, Cowgirls ’N Angels 2: Dakota’s Summer is an uplifting reminder that with courage, friendship and passion, anything is possible.

*Best Music, Original Song, Nashville, “I’m Easy,” 1975.
Dove Foundation, “All Ages Seal of Approval,” 2014.

My Review:

Although this movie is a follow-up to the original Cowgirls and Angels, its plot stands on its own, so you are not left in the dark if you were not able to view the first one.

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakota's Summer stars a girl named Dakota who is devastated with news that she's adopted. Feeling dejected, she envelops herself in winning horse competitions. In the end, Dakota learns that family isn't always about blood relations. It's a heartwarming story that suitable for viewers of all ages.

Funny Things Happening With Feedburner

I know Spring Break and Easter just shortly passed and bloggers have been busy spending that time with family and friends (myself included). But, there's something strange going on in the bloggyhood.

I subscribe by email to several (okay, a lot) of blogs and noticed that I haven't been getting many emails lately. Some of it I chalk up to the fact that we don't always eat, live, and breathe blog posts. This time of year generally slacks with postings. HOWEVER, I'm a little weirded out by how few emails I've been getting. I don't know if it's due to the fact that NO ONE in bloggy land is posting or if there's something going on with Feedburner. I'm going to presume it's the latter.

I make that assumption because I'm not even seeing my emails go through. (Yes, I subscribe to my own email for the very purpose of seeing if posts went through or not). I've posted several times in the last week and haven't seen any email results from it. It's kinda freaking me out.

I went to the Feedburner website to see what's up but there's no information there. So, my fine readers, have any idea what may be going on?

What Mom REALLY Wants This Mother’s Day - SeabuckWonders Giveaway

I received product in exchange for this post.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Top Five Mother's Day Gifts Mama DON'T Want!

Give Your Mother What She Really Wants This Mother’s Day!

Reduce your risk of missing the mark this Mother’s Day by avoiding these popular misconceptions:

Number 5: Moms LOVE to spend their free time cleaning! A new mop, dish scrubber or toilet brush will make her feel more loved, needed and oh-so-special.

Number 4: What all mothers REALLY want is to serve their families 24/7, so give her that honor by wrapping up a brand new serving tray set complete with pre-made hors d'oeuvres to feed everyone in the family (make sure it’s got lots of Dad’s favorite snacks – Mom LOVES to please her man).

Number 3: Two words: mom jeans. That’s right – the kind that really emphasize the backside with HUGE pockets! Moms LOVE to look like their own mothers and can’t wait to ‘fill their mother's’ jeans.’ Make sure you sneak in her closet and find her pants size and then go up a size or two to give her plenty of growing room – you know, the way she would always buy your shoes a little bigger. She’ll appreciate how thoughtful you were to actually investigate her current size and then to consider her growing assets to boot.

Number 2: Nothing shows how much you care like a brand new cemetery plot! Wrap up her final resting place with a bright pink bow, then surprise her with a Sunday drive and tell her you’re taking her to her brand new home. When she sees that plot of land that you painstakingly picked out just for her, she’ll cry real tears of joy. You’ll also fill her heart with pride that you've become such an excellent planner and that you've taken care of all the details so she can move onto the next life without a hitch.

And the number one gift Mama DON'T want…

Number 1: “Surprise, Mom – we’re moving back in!” What would make a mother happier than to have ALL of her grown children move back home? And of course, you’ve got a spouse (or 2 or 3 or 4) and kids of your own now. With ALL of you back under her roof, a minute won’t go by without her getting to be a mother all over again. She can re-mother you, in-law-mother your spouse(s), grand-mother your kids, and EVEN dog-mother your pets! WOW! This Mother’s Day will be epic!

But seriously, what DOES she really want? Something pure – something personal – something pampering. She wants SeabuckWonders. Give her serenity, health and beauty in a bottle with SeabuckWonders’ personal care product line. These natural, non-GMO, cruelty-free, organic products are packed with a high concentration of sea buckthorn oil for maximum results. That means healthier, softer and more beautiful skin for Mom and for all those who add these products to their daily routine.

Kick it up a notch by adding in some of SeabuckWonders’ supplements like Sea Buckthorn Berry and Seed Oils or Omega-7 Complete. Among others, the respected Dr. Mehemet Oz of "The Dr. Oz Show" has been praising sea buckthorn oils and liquid supplements for their profound balancing, soothing and rejuvenating properties. This cherished “super fruit” is rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin E, rare Omega 7 and 190 other bioactive nutrients. (Plus, all moms think Dr. Oz is HOT!)

You can find all of SeabuckWonders’ amazing products at Make Mom happy this Mother’s Day. She deserves it!

About SeabuckWonders
SeabuckWonders, a division of Balanceuticals Group, Inc., is a company with 20 years of experience producing the highest quality Sea Buckthorn Oils known in the world. Since introducing its products to the United States back in 1994, the company, under the direction of Xingwu Liu, the renowned Cultural Anthropology professor, has maintained its excellence by using only pure Himalayan, wild-grown, handpicked Sea Buckthorn. Please visit for more information and a list of locations where the products can be purchased.

There’s also a facebook promotion and a chance for you to win by entering SeabuckWonders' Mother's Day Sweepstakes! One lucky entrant will win a Kindle, $50 Amazon Gift Card, SeabuckWonders products and more. Must be 18+ older and reside in the US or Canada.

Win It!

One person will win Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser (ARV $16.97) and Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream (ARV $19.97).

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Hubby Right Up In The Mix

I live real close to the university and even closer to the college kids. We are the old people on the block. I could almost be a mother to the kids who live west, north, and east of me. With that said, I know what I signed up for when I moved in to the house I currently rent. It's an "up all night, sleep all day" deal. It's nothing to see fifty college students partying it up on any given night. And I'm okay with that (for the most part).

Other than the music that thumps my walls and the throngs of people I sometimes have to wade through to get in my house, they don't bother me. Most are cool and we pay each other no mind.

Last night the college kids were really giving it a go. A bag tournament in the back and a golf game in the front. Lots of music and laughter.

Hubby went outside to check on a vehicle we own and started chatting it up with the neighbors. They graciously invited us over to join in on the fun. And we declined. Or so I thought...

I left to work during the night shift as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. Not even an hour in, we receive a noise complaint about loud music in the same area I live. I immediately knew what was up. I bantered back and forth with the officer that the party was right next door to my house. I didn't hear anyting back, until a few minutes later when the officer relayed "tell Terra I said Hi".

I'll be a son-of-a-gun, my hubby was over at the neighbor's! And when the officers showed up, he told them to tell me hi. I'd no sooner left for work than he was headed right next door. He took them up on their invitation to join the ruckus.

What a freakin' quinkydink! I dispatch the officers to the neighbor's, and my hubby's there in the middle of it all.

I didn't know whether to laugh or throw the book of curse words at the guy I call my husband. In the end, there was no harm, no foul and the noise was quieted down. Jason didn't do anything wrong besides be a neighborly neighbor. I did advise that maybe next time he should go over to hang when they're having tea and crumpets. Just in case the cops get called again while I'm working.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Be Cool with Stokke® MyCarrier™ Cool - Baby Carrier Giveaway

I received no product or compensation for this post.  This post is in partnership with PR firm.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Following in the successful footsteps of the original Stokke® MyCarrier™ comes the new breathable 3-in-1 baby carrier, the MyCarrier Cool. It's designed to grow with the baby while keeping you and your little one comfortable, close and cool.

The Stokke® MyCarrier™ Cool uses soft 3D mesh fabric to draw heat and moisture away from both parent and child while the OEKO-Tex certification ensures no harmful substances are omitted. With an adjustable seating position to support baby's bottom, thighs and pelvis while providing the parent an ergonomically designed back pad, shoulder straps and waist belt, parents and babies can take on the world and beat the heat in the MyCarrier Cool.

When babies are young they need to be touched, held, talked to and smiled at often. Loving gestures reassure your baby and promote a strong bond between parent and child. The Stokke MyCarrier Cool is the perfect way to keep this connection.

MyCarrier includes three components: the main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier, and back carrier. The baby carrier can be used from birth and up to 3 years and offers 2-way front and back carrying.

Win It!

One person will win a Stokke® MyCarrier™ Cool baby carrier (ARV $219.99).

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Announcing More April Winners

A few of my giveaways have ended and the winners have been randomly drawn via (because Rafflecopter is still acting wonky with being able to draw winners). The winners have 48 hrs. to respond to email notification or new winner(s) will be drawn. Again, as a reminder, please include your email address in your blog post comment so I can easily identify winners.

The winner of the Angry Birds giveaway is #4, Jackie.

The winner of the Turbo FAST giveaway is #13, Ken O.

The winner of The Nut Job giveaway is #42, ReggieMann..

The winner of the Birds of Paradise DVD giveaway is #2, j1man1r66.

The winner of the P&G Prize Pack giveaway is #3, jbmthill.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered. Be sure to check out my list of current giveaways, all listed at the top left hand side of my blog. There's no limit to how many you can enter or how many you can win.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adidas for Women Body Spray - Review and Giveaway

I received product for review. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

Designed for any girl’s daily activities or sporty moments, she will feel feminine and refreshed from morning to night with the adidas Body Sprays. Available in three signature scents, Pure Lightness, Fruity Rhythm and Natural Vitality, this collection is features colorful, bold graphics for a fun twist. They are available at Walmart nationwide for $3.47 each.

The Pure Lightness Body Spray is well-liked by the teen girls in the house, as well as myself. I like to spray it on after roller derby practice. It leaves a fresh scent that masks funk. It has a light powdery floral scent and comes in a blue and white bottle. I've previously bought and used the Fruity Rhythm scent and like it real well too. The body sprays are affordable and appropriate for girls of all ages.
Win It!

One person will win an Adidas for Women Body Spray in choice of scent.

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Comfort of Fences - Book Review and Giveaway

I received book for review from  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Book Synopsis:

Comfort of Fences explores the unconditional love between a trio of women: Ruth, the matriarch and builder of boundaries; Denise, her special-needs adult daughter with powerful secrets of her own; and Georgia, Ruth’s best friend and source of strength and practicality. The dynamics of their relationships expose the ironies that the people we love the most can also be the people we most underestimate and that the strongest of loves has nothing to do with romance.

My Review:

Centered around three lead characters, Comfort of Fences weaves a story of women who build a stronger bond after a diagnosed illness. There's Ruth, who's diagnosed with cancer, her special-needs daughter, Denise, and a best friend, Georgia. The book is written in different points-of-views. It's a little confusing at times but, for the most part, the reader is able to stay in tune with which character is telling their part of the story. I experienced several emotions while reading this book. There is some sadness surrounding cancer, but you're not drug down with it. The female characters are strong, witty, and a force to be reckoned with. Written by Stacy Overman Morrison, the story is eloquent and the events are relatable.

Win It!

One person will win Comfort of Fences in choice of ebook or paperback copy.

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Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant - Review and Giveaway

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

In support of Earth Month change up your beauty routine with Lavanila's naturally healthy deodorant. These deodorants are made with natural ingredients and guarantee a healthy beauty option in support of mother Earth.

I have sensitive skin, some areas more than others. I have to be very picky when it comes to deodorants because my underarms break out easily. Recently, I was able to try Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Lavendar scent and found it to be one of the few deodorants I'm able to use.

Available in several scents, Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant is an all-natural, freshly scented deodorant that provides long-lasting odor protection. Soothing essential oils blend with powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucan technology for daily defense and nourishment. It contains no aluminum or Paraben. The deodorant itself is white in color and the scent is pleasant to the senses. For optimum coverage, I have to apply with a degree of pressure. The bottom of the deodorant tube has a twisting mechanism to make the deodorant rise when you need to apply more. I've had no breakouts from this deodorant and it provides odor protection for quite some time.

Win It!

One person will win Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant (ARV $14).

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordful Wednesday - DRDC Head Shots

Courtesy of JB Wright Photography, the DRDC individual head shots have been unveiled.

Personally, I don't like my photo. It has nothing to do with the photographer's skills but everything with how I look in the pic. I know, I know, we're all our own worst critic but I'm not a fan of the Rambo 'do or the slightly double chin. And if you look real close, you'll get a glimpse of THO (yeah, I totally pointed it out!) Ah well, there's been worse circulated of me.
This gal here is Lanea, aka Laneacious. She's my sister-in-law and also on the team. She's dang good at what she does and makes no qualms about giving it her all on the track.
Off the track he's my brother, Donnie. On the track he's Coach. (He's wearing his wife's jersey...Shhh, don't tell).

Sculpt Secret Facial Sculpting Serum - Review and Giveaway

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing product or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

With spring finally here and summer just around the corner, everyone is gearing up to look their best for the warm weather. Even with all the right diet and exercise, we all can use a little help to tighten up those pesky problem areas that are hard to target – especially the face, chin, and neck.

Finally, say goodbye to under-chin bulge and hello to chiseled jaw and cheek bones with the Sculpt Secret Facial Sculpting Serum. This product’s breakthrough IsoSculpt Complex mixes purified Seaweed Extract with other botanicals to reduce the appearance of double chin, define jaw line, contour cheekbones and tighten neck area, shaving both pounds and years off your appearance without dieting, pills, or surgery.

This unmatched product allows trapped fluids and fat to simply melt away as skin is detoxified. The Chromium CircuSpheres stimulate micro-circulation to boost metabolism and speed up the sculpting process—giving a slimmer, more defined look in just two weeks.

I'm fairly confident with my body, but as with most everyone else, there are a few regions I'd change to look and feel younger. I don't exactly have a turkey gobbler but do have the beginnings of a double chin. I'm all game for trying new beauty products and seeing how well they work with giving me desired results.

The Sculpt Secret Facial Sculpting Serum, available at Soft Surroundings stores, comes in a 1 oz. tube. The end of the tube has silver bearings that minimally rotate to work the serum in to the skin. The serum is clear and leaves a cool sensation on the skin. For best results, it is to be applied to the face and neck area (minus the eyes) twice a day for approximately thirty seconds. You are instructed to moisturize after application.

I don't believe there's any product out there that will miraculously erase fat but I do believe there are products that will help aid in the process or make you look slimmer or tighter in areas. Since using the Sculpt Secret Facial Sculpting Serum, I have noticed a subtle, affirmative change. I still have aging skin (that's almost inevitable) but my jawline seems more defined and my face seems somewhat less weakened.
Win It!

One person will win Sculpt Secret Facial Sculpting Serum (ARV $69).

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Administrative Professionals Day Survey Statistics

I received no product or compensation for this post.  This post is in partnership with PR firm.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

In honor of National Administrative Professionals Day on April 23, Staples conducted their third annual survey. The survey asked both non-admin and admin workers to reveal the truth about happiness in the workplace and, as it turns out, the majority of admins are happier than their bosses.

Survey Highlights

· The majority of workers have no preference when it comes to the gender of their boss (70.3%)

· When asked about the gender of their admins, more respondents said they prefer a female admin (43.7%) to male (11.3%).

· Employees divulged that their admins do much more than just office assistance, with 40.9% of respondents saying their admin has had to act as an HR director and just under half (49.6%) say they have played the role of an accountant.

· Other admin responsibilities have been: therapist (33.6%), childcare (25%), petsitting (19%), taxi driver (21.1%) personal chef (18.2%) and matchmaker (9.4%).

· The survey revealed that admins are happier than their bosses (60.6% vs. 18.4%).

· Most of the respondents said the admin boosts employee morale and is a better team player (59.2%) than the boss.

· Just under half (45.7%) of survey-takers described their boss’ technology skills as “average”, “bad”, or “horrible”.

· Ellen Degeneres was the talk show host nearly half (48.4%) of respondents wanted to be an assistant to with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel coming in close behind.

· Pam Halpert of The Office won as this year’s favorite fictional admin with 32.1% of respondents choosing her and Andrea Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada was close behind with 28.3%.

Is there an Administrative Professional you're appreciative of?  Which of these survey statistics did you find most interesting?

Purex No Sort for Colors Degergent - Review and Giveaway

I received product for review from Purex.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

I'm scrupulous when it comes to doing laundry. My mother taught me exact ways to wash and dry clothes, and I've followed that routine for years. The only people allowed to do laundry in my home are myself and my 20 yoa daughter. Although I'm not into high fashion or expensive clothes, I'm particular about my clothes and will think nothing of throwing an article away if a stain won't come out, it's pilled, or dyes have run together.

Purex has come out with a new detergent featuring a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents, preventing the dyes from settling onto other fabrics. I'll admit this doesn't keep me from being meticulous with my laundry (it's a habit I'll never break) but it does ease my mind that I don't have to worry as much when using Purex No Sort for Colors detergent. I did do a couple test runs with a few of my older clothes by throwing light and dark clothes together in the wash. There was no fading of colors and, as with other Purex detergents, I like how it cleans and makes my laundry smell. Purex does mention that you should wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing, especially jeans, a few times before doing a mixed color load with Purex No sort for Colors detergent.

Win It!

One person will win two free product coupons for Purex No Sort for Colors Degergent.

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Big Fish Games - Review and Giveaway

I received iTunes gift card in exchange for this post. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

During the rare days when I have downtime, I enjoy playing online games.  Big Fish Games, a world leader in downloadable games, keeps me entertained with their variety of puzzle, hidden object, and strategy games. Big Fish is the world's largest producer of casual games and the company has distributed more than 2 billion games from a growing catalog of 3,000+ unique PC games and 300+ unique mobile games. They offer PC Games, Mac Games, Online Games, iPad & iPhone Games, and Android Games so you can play virtually anywhere. You do have to purchase games for unlimited play, but they are affordable and you can play any game free for one hour.

I've played a few games from Big Fish, with one of my favorites being Stray Souls: Stolen Memories. With rich, vivid graphics, the plot entails a mother who pursues a terrifying apparition into a twisted reality to save her daughter. An evil clown has turned all of the town's residents into wooden dolls and it's up to you to piece the puzzle together of the disturbing story that reveals why the mother's husband has never spoken about his past.

I've played several hours of Stray Souls: Stolen Memories and am still engrossed with the game. There are several rooms to explore and each one has the player looking for hidden objects, piecing together puzzles, strategizing, and figuring out how one object relates to another. There are two levels of play - one allows the player to use hints after a few seconds and the other doesn't allow hints as quickly. Due to mild violence and fear themes, this game is not suitable for children (although there are several Big Fish games that are). I dig the storyline and the variety within the game. Full purchase unlock for Stray Souls: Stolen Memories is $6.99 but, as with all other Big Fish games, you can play free for an hour to see if it's a game you're interested in.

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Check It Out: Purex Try Your Luck & Win $500 Sweepstakes

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Are you feeling lucky? Give your clothes a kick of freshness with Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets. Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets give your clothes 30 days of long-lasting freshness! Enter for your chance to WIN $500 and a year’s supply of Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets in the Try Your Luck & Win $500 Sweepstakes!

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Betty Crocker Watermelon Flavored Cupcake Mix and Frosting - #BiteIntoSummer Review

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Betty Crocker invites you to welcome the seasons with all-new Watermelon Cake & Frosting -- available only at Target! Welcome spring with this tasty watermelon-flavored cake and frosting, and create your own summertime treat with an easy-to-make watermelon slice-shaped cake or fun-to-eat cupcakes recipe.

I created cupcakes using Betty Crocker Watermelon Flavored Cake and Frosting as an Easter dessert. Following the directions on the box, I was able to make 24 cupcakes. Both the mix and the frosting tasted very much like watermelon. The mix itself is pink in color and has little chocolate chips to resemble watermelon seeds. The frosting is green in color. When I created my cupcakes, I added a marshmallow decoration on top for the Easter holiday.

There's not a Target store in any close proximity of where I live, so I'm unable to purchase Betty Crocker Watermelon Flavored Cupcake Mix and Frosting. It'd be nice if the mix and frosting were available at other locations. The cupcakes went over well with the dinner guests and there were lots of comments on how delicous they were. I like watermelon flavored foods and thought the cupcakes were quite yummy, although next time I think I'll pair the frosting with a different flavored cake mix and vice versa to create a combination of watermelon flavor with another flavor.

Friday, April 18, 2014

KMS California HAIRSTAY anti-humidity seal - Review

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.
KMS California HAIRSTAY anti-humidity seal is a hair product with a 24-hour humidity blocking formula. It helps to shield hair from frizz and provides a shiny, weightless finish. It also provides heat protection.

Not that the weather has been hot enough for a lot of humidity, but my hair is very thick and doesn't like to stay in place for very long. The KMS California HAIRSTAY anti-humidity seal is a nice addition in helping keep my style in place and keep the frizzies away. It's not a hairspray so it doesn't have a lot of hold that normal hairsprays do, but I like using it as a styling aid to help keep my hair where should be. When I'm straightening my hair I use the KMS California HAIRSTAY anti-humidity seal to help protect my tresses from the heat. Once my 'do is where I want it, I'll spritz on some hairspray then spray the KMS California HAIRSTAY anti-humidity seal on last to seal in the finished style. I can't say at this time how well it works with the hot, summer humidity but it works quite well as a heat protectant and style finisher.

KMS California HAIRSTAY anti-humidity seal can be purchased at salons nationwide and