Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5K Run Second Place Win

I can't run to save my soul but my son, Logan, could be Forrest Gump's protégé. Running is in his blood. Last Saturday he participated in his most recent 5K run and garnered himself a medal. Out of over 100 runners, Logan placed third overall and second in his age division. Proud mama, I am!

I had signed up to be a volunteer for the 5K Walk/Run and showed up bright-eyed and bushy tailed to help. After speaking with several people who didn't know left from right, I finally gave up and just watched the event as a spectator. Doesn't hurt my feelings none; however, there's been a handful of occasions I've been to or participated in recently where chaos was the norm. Eh, oh well, I'm just glad Logan joined in and gave it his all.

Does your child participate in any sports? Does lack of organization at an event cause you angst?


Masshole Mommy said...

Not too shabby!! My son has been asking to run a 5K, but we are so busy with his karate that he hasn't really had time to train.

Unknown said...

Keep encouraging him! My daughter has been doing mud runs and obstacle races for almost 2 years now. She's headed to Utah next week; her 1st official adult trip for the Spartan Beast so she can finish her 1st Trifecta. I normally volunteer so she can race for free.