Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And To Think I Already Graduated High School

Put on your boots. Stuff's about to get deep up in here. This evening will be prevalent to the roller derby team either disbanding or getting their crap together.

Last week stuff started getting real. Instead of focusing on kickin' butt in our upcoming bouts, a handful of people went on a power trip and completely changed things around. Usually I can smell drama from a mile away, but it actually came as a total shock to me.

I won't bore you with the details, mainly because there's a lot of them. It basically boils down to one of the girls on the team getting told to step down from the Board and as Co-Captain. It also involves my brother (the team coach) getting ousted all together. And they're both from two totally unrelated events. With a team of over 25 people, it took just four to pull this plan off. The others had no say.

Things got real ugly, quick and in a hurry. We felt like we'd been blindsided. I know I'm bias because I'm his sister, but I am in awe of the absolute support my brother has with the majority of the team on the matter.

After lots and lots of protest over what's going on, we are now having a meeting this evening with a Mediator present. But before anyone can attend, we had to complete a mandatory questionnaire. I kid you not, it literally took me four hours to complete the questionnaire. And it's not because I'm wordy; it's because there were so many questions and they wanted to know all sort of specifics.

Oh yeah, and we have to abide by rules at the mediation. No cursing, no eye rolling, no arms crossed, no yelling. With a group of (mostly) girls with strong personalities, I'm anxious to see how it plays out.

It would be easy enough for me to just quit the team and bow out of the drama. After all, I'm 37 years old and have six kids. I get enough drama from them and I'm no spring chicken. But it is my hope that we can put on our big girl panties and get things back in order so we can all play a sport we love. Wish me luck!


Masshole Mommy said...

Woah. I can't wait to hear how it all turned out.

Robin Wilson said...

Terra ~ First of all, I love the way you write. I can imagine that it's just like the way you talk! You amaze me girl. 37, six kids and this!? You rock! Let us know how it turns out. I am a nosey rosey and I am super curious!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

WOWZER girl!!!

I hope it went well, keep us posted!

Helga said...

One never grows too old for drama - unfortunately!

Theresa Mahoney said...

You are right, the drama with some never ends. Sorry to hear about your brother. I hope you gals are able to get things worked out so you can focus on kicking butt, not stirring the drama pot.