Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School with PEEPS - #PEEPSONALITY Review

I received products for review. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

Back when I was a youngster, I anxiously awaited Easter time to get my hands on the marshmallow goodness of PEEPS. It seems like that's the only time they were available. Fast forward a few years and now you can get PEEPS in several variations and flavors all throughout the year.

If you're as big a fan of PEEPS as I am, you'll be happy to know the company offers merchandise, including back-to-school items, at PEEPS & Company.

For instance, the Chillin with my PEEPS lunch bag is suitable to carry lunches to school. The 20 Count Peeps Eraser Set is also fun for school. The purple, blue, pink, and yellow PEEPS chicks will erase away your mistakes. That is, if you actually want to use them. They're almost too cute to use as erasers. The Peeps and Company Pen will bring a smile to your face everytime you use it. The pen is both cute and functional. The Peeps Coloring Case Art Set is a nice addition for school supplies, or a fun way to play with arts and crafts. The set includes crayons, paints, and more.

If you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, PEEPS has a range of flavors to choose from. I tried three new varieties I'd never heard of before. Because I'm such a nice mom, or rather because the kids begged, I shared the PEEPS.

The 2 Ct Sweet Lemonade Flavored Marshmallow Chicks are sweet, sugary yumminess. The chicks are white with dots of yellow, and they taste like lemonade. Whether it be an upside because I'd eat a whole package or a downside because there's not enough, I'd like to see the Sweet Lemonade PEEPS offered in a bigger pack than just two. The best part about these particular PEEPS is that you are helping support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation with every purchase.

The 10 Ct Patriotic Vanilla Creme Flavored PEEPS Chicks have a smooth vanilla flavor with sprinkles. They may be red, white and blue but I wouldn't reserve them just for the major patriotic holidays. They're worthy of eating year round.

The 10 Ct Bubblegum Flavored PEEPS Chicks were a big hit with my kids. Although I liked them, I'm not much into bubblegum flavoring so they wouldn't be my main preference for future purchase. They are pink and taste very much like classic bubblegum.

I love that the classic iconic PEEPS has come out with new additions, without compromising the already great taste. I also love the adorable merchandise that lets me express my Peepsonality.

What's your favorite PEEPS product? Which new variety are you most excited to try?


Unknown said...

I love the pepermint stars at christmas, and the lemnade are really good. I really want to try the bubblegum

Jubilee Reviews said...

I would love to try the bubble gum flavored peeps!