Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's A Derby Family Takeover!

Shelby was Jam Timer for our last home bout. She kept track of jam times and timeouts.

As many of you know, I'm a referee for Dark River Derby Coalition (DRDC). My daughter joined and will soon move from Skater Tot status to full member status. My bro is the coach and his wife is a derby girl. Now to add to the roster is my hubby.

After a lot of encouragement and a little nagging from the team, Jason joined a couple weeks ago. He still has a lot of training, both in skating drills and in roller derby rules, but he should be ready by next season. At the rate we're going, the whole Famn Damily will be a part of the team!

I'm the fourth one from left in my stripes.

On another derby note, DRDC is still undefeated. 6-0, baby! Last Saturday's bout was our most intense one yet, with a few injuries, a lot of butt hurt, and one expulsion.

After our bout on Saturday, DRDC participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and let the opposing team dump ice water on us. Several buckets of ice water!

I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it. (And yes, our team also donated to the ALS organization.)

Now that I've been referee for a few times, I know I've found my niche in the roller derby world. I'm totally sequestered from anyone but the other refs until the bouts are over and I'm the most hated person during a bout, but it's what I'm comfortable with doing. I get to let out all my pent-up screaming vocals when I'm on the rink and the other referees (whether it be from my team or from visiting teams) toally rock!

Jason was jazzed that his motorcycle was on the cover of our bout poster.

I'm stoked that more of my family has joined the team and I'm looking forward to our next bout.

Have you attended a roller derby bout? What's your take on the sport?


Masshole Mommy said...

I haven't been to one, but I have been meaning to for ages now.

Renee said...

If they had anything like that where I live and if my ankles weren't weaker than one ply tissue paper, I would so join a roller derby team! I have had only one broken bone in my life: my ankle and yep, I broke it roller skating :( Looks like your family has lots of fun!