Thursday, September 11, 2014

CosmoCamp: Music Now Available For Download - #CosmoCamp

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Our kids love playing with apps, but it can be challenging to find ones that are both entertaining and educational. CosmoCamp, a series of interactive storybooks and creative game applications, is a brand of apps that not only falls into both categories, but was created with the help of child development experts.

CosmoCamp recently rolled out a new app, Music, which turns your iPhone or iPad into an orchestra. In this fun interactive app, your little one joins the band and gets to try different musical instruments: guitar, drum, piano, trumpet, etc. They can also set up a concert with Migo, Pandy and friends, and discover the wonderful world of sounds. By introducing your child to music and instruments, the app simulates their musical dispositions and helps develop their auditory awareness, all while they have a blast playing this great app!

CosmoCamp: Music, a great app for little ones age 2-5, is now available for download. CosmoCamp: Music is available now on the App Store,, with an initial launch price of $1.99.