Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wordful Wednesday - Adult Prom

Last Friday the church I attend hosted an adult prom aptly titled "Dancing Through the Decades".  Simply put, attendees could dress up any ole' way they chose. (with discretion). 
I went with borderline 80s/90s prep grunge.  My black dress was dazzled with diamond embellishments and would have looked elegant, if not for the fact that I topped it off with Harley boots and jacket, and fishnet type tights.

Because any good prom date needs a dinner outing first, me and Jason met up with our friend, Becky, and got our grub on at a Mexican restaurant.

Stevie and Leann.  She went with the 20s flapper girl look.

My nephew, Justin and his wife

Billy and Amber, two members of our small group

Beth and Chris, our small group leaders
Notice how almost all the guys look like Twinkie Twins?!  There were a lot of black pants, white shirts and suspenders running around.

A huge attraction for many of the partygoers was a photo booth with props.  We did the vogue, put on our best duck faces, and threw out some hand signals.

Becky danced to her own beat of "Papa Don't Preach" in the parking lot.  She went all out with the 80s look.

Me and Jason didn't dance a whole lot (not that I don't like to, cuz I do) but I was able to get in a few slow songs.

These amazing people are part of my small group that I meet with on Thursday nights for Bible study.

The decorations included pieces spanning several decades.  Eight tracks, disco balls, roller skates, bell bottoms and more were seen everywhere. 

Each couple was able to get their prom photo taken in front of a backdrop and was given a copy at the end of the night. 
I had a blast during Adult Prom.  It certainly beat the one from my high school years!


Malia said...

Adult Prom! That looks like so much fun. Love the prom photo :-)

Masshole Mommy said...

That sounds like a blast. And I am always up for some Mexican food.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

How fun! You all look amazing :)

An Apel a Day said...

What a fun party. I bet it was a blast!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I never went to prom as a kid and would love to do this as an adult. Everyone looked so good at the event!

Renee said...

What a fun idea. You and your husband look great! And whatever that is eating his head in that photo booth picture is hilarious :)