Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Helen Dog Heck's Birthday

My doggie turned a whole year old November 29th (by our estimation).  We've had her for nine of those months. 
I came this close to becoming an obsessed pet parent and hosting a birthday party for her, but stopped myself short.  Instead, she received a bunch of stuffed animals and chew toys.  All but one have survived.

Shelby witnessed firsthand how Helen felt about birthday bear!
My kids are either tweens, teens, or out of the house so it's been like raising a toddler all over again when we got Helen.  She's kept me on my toes.  She's not a bad dog, she's just very rambunctious.  With the exception of taking a dookie behind our living room chair every day, she's been fairly easy to train.  I'm not quite sure if I'll ever get her broke of that bad habit, or if I'll be destined to doggie dookie duty all the days of my life.
Happy 1st birthday to Helen Dog Heck!  Here's hoping we have many more years to celebrate with our furry friend.


VickieC said...

we lost our dog we had for over11yrs from a quick illness,so we waited a few months before getting another dog,,he is now about 18 months old and we got him at 5 months,,wow,,he chews his toys to bits,,and was easy to potty train but not so easy about barking all the time,he is little just 5lbs so its yap,yap yap,,,,

Renee said...

The look on your daughter's face is priceless!
At least it's only one spot not your whole house--got to look at the bright side, right?!