Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree

After several years of owning a puny white Christmas tree, as seen above, we finally went back to the more traditional ways of a green tree.  The white tree has seen its last days and made its way to Dumpster Land.  This pleases my husband so.  He absolutely hated the white tree...with a passion!
This year our tree is still fake but it's fuller and greener.  This, too, pleases my husband so. 
We don't go all fancy dancy and color coordinate or have a theme for our tree.  It's filled with several year's worth of ornaments.  Some are handmade and most have special meaning.  Cause that's how I like it.
Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? 


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Beautiful! Yes I had mine put up a few weeks ago before I left for Boston.

An Apel a Day said...

It is pretty. I like the green ones. We've had ours up since the day after Thanksgiving. The boys were actually a help this year.

VickieC said...

that is how I like mine too,has everything on it but the kitchen sink,,,but my husband insists on a real tree,,I have a fake one down south where real trees aren't that easy to come by,but up here in Vermont,there are tons of tree farms

Renee said...

Your green tree is a big improvement!
We've had our tree up since a few days after Halloween because we are so busy in November and December, I didn't want to run out of time and not get a tree up at all! Better way too early than way too late :)

Your new 'ME' picture is nice--love the hat!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Your tree looks great! I do think white trees can be beautiful, but I am more of a traditional girl and always go with a green one.

Unknown said...

I have a small fake white pre-lit tree. I live in an apt so I dont have a lot of room. I put it on top of my card table. I have M&M ornaments,photo ornaments and quite a few more. Since I have a horrible cold Im not decorating inside a lot. My daughter and son-in-law put lots of lights on my patio and my front door. I love lots of lights! Your tree ia pretty. I hope u and ur family have a Merry Christmas :)