Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Life Changes and Opinions

It's Tuesday!  You know what that means....another weekly edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts.  If you'd like to link up, head on over to Stacy Uncorked and play along.
Me and the two teen boys watched 'Taken 3' at the theater yesterday.  Liam Neeson is an amazing actor and never fails to deliver the action shots.  Seems it didn't do so well with the movie ratings but I felt the movie was a worthy threequel. 
Now that 'True Blood' and 'SOA' are officially over, I've had to find different shows to get sucked into.  Cheesy reality shows it is. 

My must-see TV now consists of 'The Real World' and 'The Challenge', both of which air on MTV.  Those two and 'Celebrity Apprentice'.  I'm always a day late because I watch them On Demand so I may be past par in saying this, but I'm going to flip a lid if Geraldo Rivera wins Celebrity Apprentice.  He may be a news legend but he's not God.  His arrogance and egotistic attitude are over the top.  Makes me respect him much less.  My vote is Leeza Gibbons for the win.

Dark River Derby Coalition had their first bout for the year.  And they won, 306 - 82!  The team has become a force to be beat.  I did not go because I've been on Leave of Absence for a month.  In fact, I believe I may be quitting the team.  It's nothing personal but my plate is full.  I'll post more about it later.
This particular bout was the first actual one for my daughter, Shelby, to participate in.  From what I hear, she rocked it!  I think she's a natural and that roller derby is doing her well.
Along with what seems like a million trillion other bloggers and non-bloggers,  I'll be hosting a #DisneySide Home Party later this month.  I'm super stoked that I get to partake by having a party.  What really gets my goat is reading some of the Facebook feeds.  I cannot believe the immature behavior of some of the people who seem ungrateful about what they may or may not be getting in their party packs, or that their package isn't here RIGHT NOW.  Makes you wonder if MomSelect or Disney will make it through all the griping and groaning and come out sane..
Because he's glutton for punishment, my husband agreed to go with me to Kansas City over Valentine's Day weekend (which is also his birthday weekend).  It's not necessarily going to be a romantic getaway.  Rather, he'll be hanging out at a waterpark hotel while I join in a Scentsy convention with my sister.  I owe him big time.
I'm going to take a huge leap of faith and start a women's small group within the next couple of months.  I already belong to one for couples but was encouraged and urged to start one of my own.  It will basically be a group of women getting together in my home one night a week to dig into the Bible, discuss the church sermon, and "do life together".  I'm a bundle of nerves and excitement about it.
I stopped by Kmart yesterday and scored big on Christmas paper and décor.  Everything was 90% off so I stocked up for next year.  If I didn't already have a tree I would've snatched one of those up too.  Trees that cost over $300 were selling for $25!  That's a crazy good sale!
Wow, I did a lot of rambling!  Tell me, what's your randomness for the week?  What's your must-see TV show right now?  Are you hosting a DisneySide party?


Masshole Mommy said...

You should watch American Horror Story. The first 3 seasons are on Netflix.

Renee said...

I agree with the above comment!!! But, don't watch if you are squeamish or prone to nightmares! My husband and I are on Season 2 The Coven and we can't wait to finish it and start on Freak Show when it comes to DVD:)

Forgetfulone said...

I don't really have any must-see shows right now. The ones I like are on hiatus. If you haven't seen "How to Get Away with Murder" I recommend that. I'm sure it's available on demand, and it starts again in a couple of weeks. Your women's group for church sounds exciting! I wish I had time to host something along those lines. We do have some couple and family life groups, but none just for women right now. We have in the past, but I think women's lives get so busy we just haven't started another one. I bet it turns out great! Have fun!

Unknown said...

My new TV obsession is Agent Carter. Love it so far. But I am also watching the Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict on Netflix too because I had never seen it and everyone raved about it. I have to admit, I do like it better than the American version Elementary.

I hope your bible study for ladies goes through. I was in one a couple of years ago and it was wonderful. Something I think we really need too.

rochelle said...

This sounds nice

Unknown said...

I really want to see Taken 3 because I really liked the other two.
That's cool your going to have
Bible study.
I'm like to watch National Geographic shows,reality at it's best.
My news is my 8 month granddaughter is now crawling,not gracefully but she gets to where she wants to go. I wish I could keep her a baby.They just grow up to darn fast.
I hope your mom is doing better.You're all in my prayers :)