Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Concert and Sales

It's Tuesday; you know the drill.  Link up your randomness at Stacy Uncorked.
I enjoyed shopping and finding great bargains so much at the local thrift stores last week that I hit some up over the weekend.  Again, got quite the deals on nice clothes.  I may have discovered a new addiction!
Also, for the first time ever, I visited an Amish goods store over the weekend.  I spent darn near every dime I took with me.  I loaded up on mixes, spices, and dry goods.  I have no doubt I'll be frequenting that place a lot now. 

The beginning of April I'll be a concert groupie for the Matthew West tour.  I purchased tickets to attend his concert.  He's a contemporary Christian musician.  With him will be Colton Dixon, also a Christian star, who previously placed seventh on American Idol.  Should be a good time.  Better be, for the ticket prices!
My mom's still on the road to recovery.  Now that she's on a liquid appetite stimulant, she's eating food like it's her last meal.  She's under doctor's orders to gain weight, so I'm all right with that. (I can almost guarantee I'll never be ordered to gain weight!  Just the opposite, in fact.)
My life's been busy and full of randomness but I can't recall it all right now.  I'm not even going to try; might make my brain hurt.
Have you heard of Matthew West or Colton Dixon?  Have you ever purchased from an Amish store?


mail4rosey said...

When we would visit my grandparents in Ohio we would drive through Amish country. If they were selling goods in their buggies by the road we always stopped. Good stuff, esp. the bread!!

Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages said...

I love Amish and Mennonite stores! We have several around here, and I love going. The bread and beef jerky is amazing at our favorite one!

Renee said...

We love to shop at the local Amish stores--I love the expressions on my kids' faces when they eat green bean chips or some other unusual food there and they actually like it!

LA Botchar said...

Matthew West is amazing. He is one my favourite Christian voices. Jealous! :)

I used to get my butter from an Amish community nearby. I was the best darn butter you could ever taste: no lie!! You bought it in 5 pound containers and could keep it in the freezer, only taking out what you need. It had this texture like it was whipped. to.die.for.
I also bought a handmade quilt from one of the women. The craftmanship and detail just cannot be compared to anything on the market. It's a work of art. Almost as expensive too, but totally worth it.

Sue Hull said...

I love Matthew West! I bet he'll put on an excellent show. Im sure you'll have a great time. Im glad to hear your mom is doing better. God heard all our prayers. Ive had amish bread and cinnamon rolls. My sister made them and they were delish.