Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Memory of a Life and the Celebration of Another

Harley Leon Forrester was a man we all knew and loved.  Now he resides in Heaven playing guitar to God above.

My father died of lung cancer ten years ago today. It only took almost three months from the time he was diagnosed. I literally watched him die in front of my eyes. My children watched him take his last breath. I watched him get carried out in a body bag.  It was one of the most sorrowing experiences I've ever went through.

It may make me a bad daughter, but I try not to think about daddy often.  It's not that I want to forget the memories, but because I don't want to remember the heartache of losing him.  He's my "handsome daddy" and I know he's up in Heaven playing bluegrass music.  Someday we will be reunited, and I'll cry rivers of joyous tears.

On a positive note (if you can make a positive note with cancer) my mother will be celebrating her remission from lung cancer this Saturday with a large family luncheon.  There will be catered food and a kid's bounce house.  The event is being made possible by the local college basketball team and their Creating Memories program.  My mother is a living miracle and we thought for sure lung cancer would rob her of life too.  But she pulled through and now it's time for a celebration!


Renee said...

I lost my dad after a long battle with pulmonary fibrosis and diabetes, and yes, remembering is a hard and painful thing to do sometimes, so I feel for you.
I hope your family has a wonderful time this weekend. What a great program for college kids to be involved with! I hope the sun shines and your mom has a ton of food to eat haha! and lots of fresh air to breathe with her cancer-free lungs:)

Maryann D. said...

It is so sad thinking of our dads and missing them. My dad passed almost 2 years ago, but he lived to 93 years old and I am thankful that I had him for a long time.
So happy that your mom is doing good!!
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Sue Hull said...

I'm sorry you lost your daddy.I'm also very happy for your mom.I'm happy God heard all our prayers.I'm also a cancer survivor, so I understand what a miracle it is.I give God all the Glory & Praise for all us cancer survivors :)