Saturday, May 30, 2015


I can lay 'em but I can't scramble 'em.  If I ever have to live on my own, I will be eating cereal for the rest of my life.  I can kiss better than I can cook.  Thankfully I have wonderful co-workers who scramble me up some delicious eggs with onion and feta.  I could just kiss them.


Heck Of A Bunch said...

Aww you are too sweet Terra. I could kiss you right back. **MUAH!**
<3, Brutus

Sue Hull said...

I can't make a fried egg very good because they yolk always breaks.It drives me nuts! I can make good scrambled eggs. I have issues making an omelet too.By the time I'm done it just looks like scrambled eggs with ham and cheese in it.I'm single, but I can cook enough for me that's edible.My mom is a great cook and sometimes she'll make extra for me.My sister bakes good so I'm covered in that department too. I could live off cereal too, which isn't good. LOL!

marshmellaw1982 said...

Too many weddings to count this year. This would make a great gift!