Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordful Wednesday - Dogwood Parade

me and my son
Every year in the beginning of May, our city celebrates with a Dogwood Parade.  Usually it's either real cold or real rainy, but the weather cooperated with us this time.

great-niece MaKynzee
Because it's our city's 175th birthday we had a longer than normal parade, with 145 entries.  Most of it was just a bunch of people walking for their cause but there were a handful of characters and floats.

friend and her daughter walking for Birthright

One of the few floats

the obligatory horses

My daughter (a.k.a. Ginja Ninja) and my brother (a.k.a. Coach) were part of DRDC's parade entry.  They were second to last in the parade, so there was no chance of me skipping out early.  They kept the crowd entertained with stunts and jumps.
Coach jumping over Ginja
Does your city host a hometown parade?  Happy Wordful Wednesday!


sassydeafdiva said...

I am glad you had nice weather this time!

Renee said...

Those are some strange looking horses..kinda look like white donkeys?! I don't think our town does a hometown parade--they do a Christmas parade complete with horses, tractors, and Elvis impersonators (really.)

Heck Of A Bunch said...

Thoughtful Thursday Thoughts

In this episode of Judas and Brutus' guest blog, we would like to address a very serious issue. Soup envy. You see, when making a pot of soup mix, one must carefully read the directions. Otherwise it may turn out shall we say, thicker than an amish veggie dip mixed with molasses on a hot summers day. No need to covet the soup making skillz of your friends and co-workers. Just read and follow directions. Your man will thank you ;-)

Sue Hull said...

That looks fun! We have a parade on the 4th of July, when the seniors graduate and for all the softball players when the season starts. Both of my nieces play so its something fun for them to be in.