Friday, June 19, 2015

Candide Baby Smart Armchair with Spare Blanket - Review

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.
front of chair

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge may only be a few weeks old, but she is already a global trendsetter. There’s no doubt that pampered princesses on both sides of the ocean will be spending their earliest days in the ultimate European luxury baby accoutrements like those from French atelier Candide Baby.

Styled in France, Candide Baby is dedicated to the ultimate comfort and peaceful well-being of babies – and their parents! Candide Baby creates sophisticated and chic baby basics with European luxury and flair that are sure to be Princess approved!
side view of chair
Consider this baby’s first throne! The Candide Baby Smart Armchair with Spare Blanket has got to be one of the cutest seats for baby I've ever laid eyes on.  For ages nine months and up, this chair is perfect for little ones to take a breather.  A PVC-lined front pocket on the front is designed to hold a baby bottle and the side pocket can store small toys and other belongings.  On the back is a soft, brown blanket.

The design of the particular chair I received is light tan in color and has the face of a teddy bear on front.  The side and front pockets have a bright, eye-catching pattern.

A loop on the back of the chair makes it easy to pick up and carry.  The blanket is attached via a Velcro strap.  When a child wants to use the blanket, it just needs to be released from the strap and unfolded.  The chair itself is made of soft, comfortable foam material.  The cover of the chair is removable so it can be washed.  I haven't yet had to wash it, so I don't know how well the covering fits back on after it's been cleaned.

back side of chair
Because my younger nieces are at my home quite a bit, I have this chair set out in my living room.  They are super stoked to have a chair that fits them just right.  Once one of them lays eyes on the chair, they plop their happy selves right on down and cuddle up with the blanket, all while seeing what they can stuff in the pockets.  I'm pretty sure this chair has scored this auntie some brownie points!


Rhonda Gales said...

This is so cute. If my little darlings were smaller, I would consider buying one of these for them. I am going to add it to add it my gift list.

Sue Hull said...

I love these little chairs for toddlers! I want to get one to keep at my house so when Chloe comes over she'll have her own chair to sit on.She has a couch at home that opens to turn into a bed. I love that it comes with an extra blanket and the little pocket is so cute :)