Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wordful Wednesday - CATastrophe

DRDC held their second home bout Saturday.  My daughter and another player graced the cover of the themed CATastrophe bout poster.

Although I no longer ref for the team, I still like to help out when I can.  This time around, I was a scorekeeper.

My husband and Hot Chocolate (derby name) were announcers during the bout.  They really worked the crowd and got people pumped up.

This was my daughter's first official home bout game.  She got a good amount of game play in.  I admire her perseverance to the game and dedication to the team.

Shelby (a.k.a Ginja Ninja) was stoked to sign autographs for young fans.

I miss being on the team, even as a ref.  Sometime soon, I'm hoping to get back into it.

The final score was 343 to 35.  Statistics were showing our team to only have a 4% chance of winning.  DRDC proved that one wrong by a long shot!  So far, DRDC has won all four games with a huge point spread.
Happy Wordful Wednesday!


About JollyJilly said...

Great picture no idea what your team is doing lol ? It looks fun and hope you get back to the team soon

Renee said...

What does your daughter's derby name mean? Ninja I get but what does the ginja part mean?

csuhpat1 said...

Very interesting. I guess Roller Derby is making a comeback. Good for her.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I bet she had a blast at her Roller Derby! The poster is wicked cool!