Friday, July 17, 2015

Another Birthday for Another Kid

Just a few days ago we celebrated Emma's entrance into teenage land.  Three days later it was Logan's time to turn the page on age.  He's now 17 years old.
Due to a recent bad storm in the area, several restaurants were without power and shut their doors.  His birthday dinner ended up being at Dairy Queen.

Although 17 years old isn't exactly what you'd call a young'un, he's still my "kid". 
I know I'm bias (being his mother and all) but he's grown into an amazing young guy.  He keeps busy with sports and is a very avid runner.  He also recently started a summer job detassling corn.  He's definitely on the right track for life.

Happy birthday to my Ogre Bear!


Renee said...

Corn detassler--that will look nice on his college applications and job resumes :)
Happy Birthday! I hope you guys at least bought him an ice cream cake--those things are awesome!