Thursday, November 12, 2015 - Personalized Chocolates Review

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.
I'm an easy mark for personalized products. I like finding merchandise that can be made into gifts personable to the recipient. To me, it makes that gift just a little more special.  One company that allows you to personalize a gift is  And, as the name implies, it's done with chocolate.

The premise of ChocolateText is that the majority of Americans have cell phones, and send or receive texts.  Nearly half of Americans nibble on bite-sized chunks of chocolate treats every day. So imagine if you put them both together and you could get your message across in a sweet, delicious and relatively inexpensive manner? does that by giving you the opportunity to create a personalized message with chocolate letters, numbers, symbols, and icons. You can either create your own message or choose from their pre-made selections.  (However, I noticed there were no pre-made selections for the Christmas holiday.)  There are four box sizes available, ranging from a medium box to a colossal box.

I received a Jumbo Box of 32 chocolates.  The packaging itself was a gold box covered in clear plastic wrap.  The box was adorned with a ribbon with the words of  "Season's Greetings". 
Upon opening the box, I discovered a chocolate message.  "Here's 2 a happy holiday season!" was spelled out in square chocolate pieces.  Blank chocolate pieces served as the spacers.  The weather conditions haven't been super hot but I was glad to see that none of the chocolate was melted or smeared.
We all know that sometimes looks can be deceiving, so I had to put ChocolateText to the taste test.  I wanted to know if the chocolates tasted as good as the packaging looked.  I'm happy to say they did!  The pieces, made of Belgian and American chocolate, were good-tasting.  Each piece is 1/2 " thick; they're definitely not chintzy on the chocolate!

ChocolateText® has over 20 years experience with chocolate designing and manufacturing. All of their products are manufactured and shipped from their production facility just outside New York City. 

This holiday season (or any other special event) show your sentiments through


Samantha said...


Janet W. said...

These chocolates look delicious and even more special with a personalized message!

Unknown said...

ooh what an awesome thing to make as a gift for EVERYONE!!

Jerry Marquardt said...

I love chocolate so much. I thank you for this great review on a favorite.

Sue Hull said...

I tried Belgian chocolate not to long ago and it was so good. This with american chocolate cant be anything but delicious. Im a chocolate addict. If I had it in the house Id eat it daily. With the holidays coming there will be chocolate every where I go. My home,my moms house and my sisters. Im not a baker but they are so cookies and candy will be out to temp me. Im so weak! Lol

Brandy said...

My son wants to use a box of these as part of his Promposal. We designed the message ourselves. I' my so excited! lol