Sunday, December 13, 2015

39 Things About Me On My 39th Birthday

Ain't nothing special about today.  Except that it's my birthday, yo! 

My 39th to be exact.  Just one year closer to the big 4-0.  Honestly, though, I don't feel older.  Most days anyway.  The age is all neither here nor there for me.  The hubby is having a birthday party at our home for me later today.  I absolutely appreciate the effort but would've been happy with just getting a few extra hours sleep.

In honor of the birthday person, ME, I've compiled a list of 39 facts and tidbits about me:

1.  My grandmother named me.  Terra Lynn.  She named my sister too.  She didn't give my mom the opportunity to come up with something else.  That's okay.  I'm all right with my title. 

2.  My nickname is Helen.  A co-worker came up with that moniker.  It's after Helen Keller.  I won't go into why.  Eight years later and I'm still called that.

3.  My dog's name is Helen.  I thought that if I passed the byname on to her, I wouldn't be called that any longer.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  It's just that now both me and the dog look up when we hear the name.

4.  I have three major fears:  Freddy Krueger, dentists, and worms. 

5.  Horror is my favorite movie genre.  I get super stoked when a good horror movie comes on.  UNLESS it's Freddy Krueger.  Then I'm out.
6.  I like to read all genres of books.  I'm not into the ebooks.  I want the real deal, in my hands.  My favorite book ever is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. 

7.  I've been married three times, twice to the same guy.  The first two times I was young and dumb.  The third time has been a charm.  We're now on 13 years strong.

8.  I won my third wedding in a radio contest.  Jason and I were married at Six Flags St. Louis during Fright Fest with thirteen other couples.  I was dressed as a raven with black feathers and he dressed as a mummy.

9.  I'm a teenage statistic.  I got pregnant at the age of 16 and had my first kid at 17.  I wouldn't recommend it but I don't regret it.  On the plus side, I stuck through school and finished.

10.  My other two kids were welcomed into the world by the time I was 22.  Started out young, I tell ya!  I'd like to say I regret marrying the same guy twice but I wouldn't have had the two boys otherwise. 

11.  My favorite holiday is Halloween.  The scarier the stuff, the better!

12.  I've been in the field as a 911 Telecommunicator for 11 years now.  People's heart attacks and baby mama drama keep me in business.

13.  I used to have a major case of OCD.  Now it's just a minor case.  Ornaments and merchandise had to be in their place.  I'd fixate on the colors of a person's shirt for hours.  I'd tally up mileage at roadway signs, then do it again, then again.  I can't say I'm cured but it's not near what it used to be.

14.  As a child, doctors diagnosed that I'd be deaf and mute.  My mother, bless her heart, took me to many a doctor.  As it turns out, they decided my brain was just in overdrive and I was overstimulated.  Also, if I didn't like you I made it a point not to speak to or hear you.  If I didn't care for you, then you weren't worth my time.

15.  My biggest pet peeve is when someone says the Lord's name in vain.  God didn't dam(n) it; the beavers did.

16.  I hate the number 6. It reminds me of Satan's status symbol. It's not the solitary number itself, but it CANNOT add up to the dreaded triple 6 number. Doing things in groups of six is a big no-no. For instance, I cannot wash six utensils, six plates, and six forks together. Yet another OCD thing.

17.  My favorite movie is War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning.  I think it's because of the sounds the aliens make when they're attacking.  (It's the little things that excite me.) Transformers does it for me for the same reason.

18.  I used to be a referee for roller derby.  I loved the sport but hated the practice. 

19.  I don't mind the color blue but won't eat or drink anything of that color.

20.  I have three step-daughters.  Jason and I became a blended family with six kids after we were married.  It's like The Brady Bunch, minus the maid.

21.  I get a natural high off getting a good price on an item.  I love the Sale and Clearance sections and will almost always buy my stuff from there.  Coupons are my friend too.

22.  I own an ungodly amount of clothes.  I have a 5-drawer dresser just for my jeans.

23.  If an article of clothing has so much as an unremovable stain or tear on it, I'll think nothing of throwing it in the trash. 

24.  This blog has been in business for a little over six years now.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of something so great and love all the comments and engagement from my readers.

25.  Because of this blog I've had the opportunity to tour Build-A-Bear Workshop and have lunch with the CEO, tour Domino's Pizza HQ and meet with the bigwigs, and interview Larry the Cable Guy at Universal Studios.
26.  Celebrities aren't my thing and status means nothing to me.  But if I HAD to choose a celebrity crush it would be Hugh Laurie of House M.D. fame.  Rawrr!

27.  I'm usually very open-minded and try to see both sides of things.  More often than not, I will not take sides on a situation because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion.

28.  One thing I will not sway from is my stance on being a Christian.  I have always been and always will be a Christian.  My life story is a soap opera in and of itself. There's no way possible I would  been able to pull through it all without a guiding hand from the Creator himself.

29.  I hate exercise.  I've tried it.  Didn't like it.  Don't buy me a gym membership.

30.  I think bacon should be in a food group all its own.  I'll eat a pound at a time and not think anything of it.  I'll deal with the clogged arteries later.

31.  I was vice president and peer educator of FHA (Future Homemakers of America) in high school. I travelled to other schools talking to students and teachers. I got booted out of that position when I got pregnant. Apparently educating and speaking to my peers about not making bad choices when I was doing them myself was frowned upon. Go figure!

32.  I am chief provider and financer to my mother.  She was living with me, but is currently in a nursing home for a couple of months until she is able to gain strength and mobility.  The role of an adult caregiver is mostly thankless but I have no regrets.

33.  I have one tattoo.  It's on my right leg and is of a red electric guitar.  Above it is the word "Dad".  It's in memory of my father.  I want another but not until I'm absolutely certain I want to have it on my body all the days of my life.

34.  I used to have my nose and tongue pierced.  My brother did the nose with an earring gun.  I miss the tongue piercing and would do it all over again, if it weren't for the fact that I wouldn't be able to talk for days.  Kinda need to for my job.

35.   My look changes often, depending on how much weight I lose or gain. Right now I'm feeling like a bloated whale. It also depends on how I feel like doing my hair that particular day.  I follow no one fashion or style.

36.  When getting my drink on, my adult drink of choice is Jager.  Just not straight.  It has to include Red Bull or green Monster.  I even own the first version of their tap machine.

37.  I spent my 13th birthday in the hospital getting tonsils and adenoids removed. 

38.  There's only one TV show that I absolutely, positively had to watch every week.  And that was HBO's True Blood.  I darn near cried when it ended.

39.  I'm wore out from talking all this talk about me.  Not so sure I'll do another on my 40th!


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Happy birthday!!!! :D
Cracked up at: "Also, if I didn't like you I made it a point not to speak to or hear you." lololol

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday lady!!! Xxoo

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday !! I hit 39 this year too.

katy said...

Interesting, I learned a lot about you. Happy birthday!

Sue Hull said...

I agree with you on #28 & 29 100%. Also the triple 6.You are my kind of people. I hope you had a wonderful day! God Bless :)

Sue Hull said...

Those question marks were a cake

HumanKindEducation said...

Happy belated birthday! I hate e-books too. :P