Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Birthdays and Cats

Hey peeps, hey peeps, guess what day it is?!  That's right, it's Random Tuesday Thoughts Day!  Link up at Stacy Uncorked to play along.
rockin' her skulls hoodie
I'm totally jinxing myself by saying this but Misty is quite the cool cat.  So far (knock on wood three times) she hasn't clawed at stuff or done anything too off-the-wall.  She's chill for the most part and loves cuddles. 
Helen has taken a fond liking to Misty.  Other than the occasional growl or meow, the two seem to like each other.  Helen gives Misty baths and follows her around to sniff her butt.
 #CatDog #BFFsForever
Well, my birthday came and went and I'm now another year older.  Jason invited a few friends over to the house and we had a small gathering of "Eat, drink, and be merry".  I'm almost positive the cat received more gifts than I did.  She's got the hook-up of outfits, a cat dome, toys, scratcher and anything else a cat could ever need.

No complaints here; I received my fair share of presents too.  My sister hooked me up with an amazing assortment of Sharpie markers for my adult coloring books.  She also bought me a kick ass purse with a skull design.  Other gifts included a Monster High doll (don't ask why an almost 40 year old would need one but I do!), picture frame, body lotion, money, bottle of Jager, and more.

AND I didn't even have to cook or clean for the party.  My husband was insistent that I not lift a finger.  He and the boys spent hours preparing and cleaning.  Twas' quite nice.
Saturday night we went with some friends to 'Journey to Bethlehem', an interactive experience that immerses you into the times of Christ and the journey made for Jesus' birth.  We travelled through angry Roman soldiers, beggars and thieves, a busy marketplace, and other experiences before "seeing" the birth of Jesus.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience.
I think that's about it for the week.  What's your randomness?


LA Botchar said...

Love the purse!!
Sounds like they threw a great party AND cleaned up too.
That kind of Christmas "journey" sounds really cool. It would be very interesting to see, and to be interactive would make for a good Christmas production.

Samantha said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Renee said...

Happy late birthday!
That poor, poor cat....
We have the "Walk to Bethlehem" about two miles from our house that sounds very similar to your Journey, only, in true Southern redneck style, there is also a bumpy hayride through a pasture filled with Christmas lights. My kids quite enjoyed it last weekend :)
Sounds like you had an awesome birthday--that big ol pack of fine point sharpies alone would have made me happy. I love those things!

Jerry Marquardt said...

I love cats so much, I thought they were all so cute in the photos. I enjoyed hearing about the birthdays as well.