Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#Blessings366 - Day 13

I've been a long-time reader of Angie at Blessed Beyond Words and am always encouraged by her faith. Angie has invited bloggers and readers to participate in the #Blessings366 campaign this year.

Angie's challenge is to post one picture and/or write each day of something or someone you're blessed by. It’s a great reminder to be grateful and thankful, even when times are tough.


Today I'm blessed by all the great deals posted by Midget Momma.

I'm also a long-time reader of the Midget Momma blog and she is always posting great bargains and deals.  I get a natural high off getting the most for less. 

For instance, I just ordered three 3-piece travel tote sets for less than $9 at Woman Within.  To top it off, I received free shipping.  Each set was worth $39.99.  That's a savings of over $111.  Score! 

And if that wasn't a good enough deal, I purchased eight sports gear and apparel items at for  just a little over $25. 

It truly is a blessing to me that Midget Momma posts such great deals because I hate paying full-price for anything.  I purchase the stuff when it's on sale to have on hand for celebrations, birthdays, and Christmas. 

What are you blessed by today?  What great bargains have you found lately?


An Apel a Day said...

That is a cool set. I love the color!