Friday, January 29, 2016

Town & Country Staycation

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king-size bed that made slumber sooo much better
Once in a while, for giggles and grins, Jason and I like to take a little staycation during the winter months.  It involves getting together with my sister and her family to hang out at a local hotel.  We've stayed at a number of hotels within our city, and last Saturday we chose Town & Country Inn and Suites.

office area in the room
Jason and I spent our anniversary weekend at Town & Country last October for our anniversary.  Then, we stayed in a whirlpool room and ventured out very little.  This time, we checked the place out.
The hotel itself is one of the cleanest and most organized.  The place was very well kept.  Our room was very spacious and could've easily fit another king-size bed in it.  The bed was to die for.  Usually I hate hotel beds because I can't ever get comfortable.  I slept the entire night, and that's a rarity.
main lobby
I had been looking forward to this particular staycation because I was able to take a break from the role of being caregiver to my mom and I didn't have to worry about who was taking care of her.  Adam, my son, had it all under control and I was worry-free.
lobby where the war went down
The surroundings, décor, and plentitude of friends made the stay worthwhile.  With that said, the employees' personalities were as stale as prison bread.  There was no warmth or welcoming.  The free continental breakfast left much to be desired.  Cold biscuits and frozen milk aren't my thang.  And we were in a Hotel Hell War with a group of pretentious, entitled people who thought they could just run us out.
We ended up having a group of over ten people at one time and decided to hang out in the 2nd floor lobby.  It was empty and up for the taking.  At first it was just three of us hanging out there, waiting on the rest.  The Pompous People who must believe they are princes of their own nation  came in and took over the place.  And neither group was gonna budge.
If we had our music on, theirs was louder.  If we were watching TV, they changed the channel.  And we took the remote and changed it right back.  If they were being loud, we got louder.  It was just a big ugly game of Chicken.  We're no quitters; we held our own.
my family and friends
Next time I spend $115 a night to catch a breather, I may not be so nice when those on their high horse come strolling in.
What kind of staycations do you prefer?  What's your favorite chain of hotels?


Samantha said...

Hahahaha!! Those ppl sound awful!
It sounds like you had fun though!

Unknown said...

I had a good time. Oh and Sweet Potato and Sea Salt Trixcuts are nasty!

Adaptable Kay said...

Sounds like a really nice staycation except for the fact of those rude people taking over and trying to push your group out! Seriously, the nerve of some people; where has common courtesy gone?!

I hope to one day be able to do a staycation like this when a little money is saved up :)

VickieC said...

that is something id love to do,,if you were there first they should have left,,that is just rude