Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear - Review

I received product for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.
I'm going to be a great aunt (again!) in April.  My kids may be older but I have lots of little nieces and nephews I can spoil, including the one that will be here soon.  My niece, Ashley, will have her third baby in a couple of months and we are all in preparation. 
I recently received My Baby's Heartbeat Bear for review, and gifted it to Ashley.  She took the plush animal to the doctor, along with the heart recorder, to get an audio recording of her baby's heartbeat that she can hear even after the baby is born.
My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is a kit that consists of an adorable stuffed animals and a 20-second red heart battery recorder that captures the sound of a baby’s heartbeat during your next ultrasound. Created by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and mom of twins, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear makes a perfect shower gift.  Although the website suggests bears, there are several plush animal designs to choose from.  Because Ashley is doing her baby's nursery in monkey theme, I went with the Monkey plush.

The plush itself is super cute and super soft.  Accessories, like a tutu or bow tie, can be purchased at an additional price.  With the plush is a red plastic shaped heart.  Instructions are included, and it's very easy to use.  My niece took the plastic heart to the doctor with her and handed it to the ultrasound technician.  The heart was then turned on with a Record switch on the back and the sound of baby's heartbeat was recorded.  There is a red light that will come on when recording.  Total play time is 20 seconds, and the heartbeat sound can be heard with the Playback switch on the back of the heart. 
The sound came out clear through the plastic heart and my niece was very emotional when she heard it.  She's thrilled that she has her little boy's heartbeat recorded and can hear it anytime she wants. 
If someone chooses to record different audio or the heartbeat at a different time, they can do so.  You can re-record as many times as you like.  Users need to be aware, though, that the red heart recorder does not play back old recordings so it's important to not switch to the Record button if you want to save the audio already on file.   

There is a Velcro opening at the back of the plush with enough space to insert the heart and close it back up.  If the heart is on Playback mode, you can squeeze the plush where the heart is at and hear the recording. 
My Baby's Heartbeat Bear was well received by my niece and she considers it one of her favorite baby gifts. 


Unknown said...

This little guy is very neat. Just a few days before Terra gave him to Ashley, we had a conversation about how Ashley was gonna miss hearing her babies heart beat after he is born. Little did she know Aunt Terra was gonna gift her this awesome guy. Ashley was thrilled to receive him and now we all have a very precious keepsake of little Harley's heartbeat.

Sandra Watts said...

I would have loved to have one of these with my kids. What a fantastic idea!

LauraJJ said...

Oh this is such a neat idea! I love that she was able to take it with her for the ultrasound technician!!! Looks so soft too!

rochelle said...

This is so cute love to give my grandchild one

Maryann D. said...

I wish I had this when I was pregnant. This is a cute and wonderful idea and perfect gift.
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