Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Say Yes to Fresh with Febreze Air Purifiers - Review

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.  This post contains embedded video.

From the kids’ sweaty sports gear to lingering food odors in the kitchen, it’s no secret that your home may not always smell as fresh as you’d like. But thanks to Febreze Air Purifiers, there’s a simple and hands-free solution to keep your house feeling clean and smelling great. Recently, Febreze Air Purifiers teamed up with Colleen Padilla, owner of Classy Mommy, to create a series of videos sharing the best tips and tricks for bringing clean air to every room of the house. 
Check out the below videos to see how Febreze Air Purifier’s can keep every home in your room feeling clean:

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· Febreze Air Purifier Kitchen Tips

· Febreze Air Purifier Laundry Tips

· Febreze Air Purifier Pet Tips

· Febreze Air Purifier Dust Tips

top of air purifier with buttons and knobs
I have two pets, a cat and a dog.  I also have a kitchen that doesn't have a vent.  So you can imagine that the food and animal smells are noticeable.  Not only that, the air in my home is stale.  I had the opportunity to review a Febreze Air Purifier and was quite interested in giving it a whirl.  I've heard about air purifiers before but have never actually owned one.  The Febreze Air Purifier is the only air purifier with a powerful, replaceable HEPA-type filter that reduces up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander all while releasing a fresh scent.
The Febreze Air Purifier words by drawing dirty, stale, odor-filled air into a fan.  The filter traps household odors and larger airborne particles.
There are instructions included with the air purifier, and they're fairly easy to follow.  The basics for start-up are removing plastic wrap from the filters, then putting them back in the purifier.  The filters have a white side and a black side.  The instructions don't clearly indicate, but it's the black side that needs to be facing outward.  Then you need to replace the plastic backing.
The air purifier comes with a Febreze Air Purifier Scent Cartridge which gives off a clean, fresh scent when the unit is on.  There is a scent compartment door on top where the cartridge is to be inserted.  It is not necessary to have a scent cartridge for the unit to run properly, but it does give off a nice smell when it's in place.

This picture is the backside of the purifier without the backing to show the filter.
There are two knobs on top of the purifier.  One is to choose the desired scent level and the other is to choose cleaning level.  Because I want my kitchen to have optimal freshness, I use the highest level for cleaning. 
There are also two indicators on the top of the purifier that give a visual of when the cartridge and/or filter need to be replaced.  The unit itself has a cord to be plugged in to an electrical outlet for use.
I'm very happy with the Febreze Air Purifier.  It's easy to operate and I have a sense of peace knowing that the kitchen air is being cleaned.  I've also noticed that there's less odor from food and pets.