Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wordful Wednesday - Drury Plaza Hotel

sister, Traci
Saturday night we went to St. Louis to attend Monster Jam.  While there, we stayed at the Drury Plaza Hotel.  Other than the atrocious parking, it was a fabulous place.

Jason, me, Traci and Rodney checking out the city view
Jason and I, along with one of my boys stayed in one room while my sister, her husband, and their son stayed in an adjoining room. 

The beds were very comfortable.  It's not often that I sleep well in a hotel, but this one met my needs. 
The hotel offered free popcorn and soda for most of the day.  There was also "Kickback" hour where free appetizers and drinks were served.  Appetizers included macaroni and cheese, baked potato, salad, and hot dogs.  I had one Whiskey Sour for my free drink but didn't care for the taste so gave up on trying to get back in line.

Ozzy in the lobby
The hotel lobby featured a lake replica with hunting dog, a fisherman, and other wild mammals.

Adam in the lobby
Between a gymnastics meet, Monster Jam, and AC/DC concert the place was packed.  Jason made it his mission to be mayor and greet everyone he met.  It didn't matter if you were on the elevator or stuck in traffic.  And, more often than not, people took to his welcoming.  That guy's got some people skills.  Much more than me.

Jason the bellhop, my husband
It was a nice place to stay and the staff was very courteous.  I definitely recommend it if you plan on attending an event in St. Louis.


Samantha said...

Looks like a great hotel!!!

An Apel a Day said...

That's a nice treat that they offered you popcorn and soda. All I've ever seen at hotels is fruit.

Renee said...

The last time we stayed at a hotel in Gatlinburg, TN that had atrocious parking, my husband backed my car into a concrete wall :( He promised to get the damage fixed and never did, but we traded that car in January for a new one so I guess I can forgive him. Unless he backs my new car up into something....
That looks like a nice hotel--love the fountain in the lobby!

Sue Hull said...

That looks real nice! I love staying in nice clean hotel and are kid friendly.

Sue Hull said...

That looks real nice! I love staying in nice clean hotel and are kid friendly.

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