Friday, March 11, 2016

My Life Lately - Concerts and Birthdays

Life's been somewhat hectic.  Not necessarily bad, just busy. 

I went to the doctor yesterday.  It was actually a few days earlier than my actual appointment, but I was able to talk to the nurse.  Good news is, I don't have skin cancer or lupus.  That's a weight lifted.  Bad news is, I've got some long medical term that boils down to what could be called Really Sh**ty Skin Syndrome.  I go back on Tuesday to see if the doc can prescribe any lotions, potions or ointments to help fix my face.

My oldest daughter purchased tickets for us to attend the Rob Zombie / Korn tour concert this summer.  Is it hypocritical to say I can't stand what Rob Zombie embodies, but I love his music?!  Any ole' how, I'll be able to check that off my bucket list.  Been wanting to see him in concert for some time now.  Between this concert in August and Shinedown in May, I should have my fix for a while.
I work in a thankless field (who doesn't!).  It's super rare that we are recognized for what we do, both in and out of the work field.  The "Atta Boys" just don't happen.  So it was an honor to be recognized the other day during a training seminar.  Almost two years ago I coached a lady through CPR on her husband.  As it turns out, he's alive and kickin'.  The couple asked to meet those involved in his care, and I was one of those people.  We don't usually get to see or know the end result of a call, so that was nice.

One of my great-niece's turned 9 years old the other day.  She had a swimming party at the YMCA.  This has been a busy birthday month for the family, with more to come.
My hair was looking rather rugged, so I had it cut.  I'll take a pic sometime.  It's an angled bob that's easy to take care of.  Less tresses, less messes.
I've been down with some sort of head cold/ flu / yucky bug lately.  The last few days have kicked my butt.  I'm not going to run to the doctor though.  I'm hoping a few OTC meds and some rest will kick it in the bud.
So, how have y'all been doing lately?  Do tell.


Samantha said...

That concert sounds fun! And congrats to you on helping save someone's life! I'm sure you do that all the time and you are appreciated!!!

Renee said...

I completely understand what you mean about Rob Zombie. I loved and listened to his music in high school, but can't imagine listening to it around my two young kids now. I would be afraid to go to a concert too because of the fellow-concert-goers that might take being freaky waaaay too seriously, but I hope you have a great time. And if the doctors can't fix your face, no worries, you will not scare ANYONE at that concert :)

Felicia said...

Wow! You have had a busy week or so! I have also come down with something that I can't quite shake. I'm hoping that rest and Vitamin C will help!

Maryann D. said...

That is wonderful that you coached a lady through CPR on her husband. It must be a good feeling for you! Congrats.
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Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire said...

Getting caught up on some blogs . . . so thankful your skin condition isn't anything super serious. While it's a pain, it's not life altering . . . wonderful news!