Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's National Microtia Awareness Day

To be brutally honest, I'd never heard of Microtia until just recently.  There's "Awareness Days" for a lot of things, but this is one I didn't even know existed.  If you're like me and not in the know, Microtia is a congenital deformity affecting the outer ear where the ear does not fully develop during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Medical and physical challenges are plenty.  Ear Community provides resources, tools, and support for those affected.

Do you know anyone affected by Microtia?


Peggy said...

I did not know what it was either. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I've never heard of it before. Thanks for enlightening us!

Maryann D. said...

I have not heard of Microtia before this. I am glad that they are making people aware of this congenital deformity.
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