Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Heck Of A Christmas - Round 2

I warned you yesterday that I'd be forcing you with Christmas picture overload.  I didn't lie!  Here's Round 2 of our Christmas festivities:

Juliann, Logan, Emma, and Allyson

Friday evening was another one of Christmas paper and tissue vomit.  All of Jason's kids were there and one of mine was.  

Jason's brother and mother also stopped by.  Fun fact:  Jason and his brother are 19 years apart!  

Emma - Gimme a "High Fries"

Jason's mom brought over enough candy and cookies to give us a sugar high.  Being the simpleton I am, I cooked frozen pizzas.
Jason's brother, Cody

I'd say I was blessed with gifts this year.  I honestly had no strong desire for anything in particular.  I didn't even make a wishlist.  But I definitely didn't go without.  I received Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a new bedding set, pajama pants, a body pillow, handmade paintings, certificate for a night's stay at a lodge, and more.  No complaints here.

The bedding set is new.  The dog isn't.  

We also attended church service.  The music, stage production, and message was spectacular.  And the place was packed with over 800 attendees.  

Me and Logan in front of a Christmas prop at the church

What gifts did you receive for Christmas?


Jessica Cox said...

SOunds like you racked up, I received lots of body wash/gel, (you think they were giving me a hint.) I got some essential oils and a handbag and a stitch cosmetic bag.

Sue Hull said...

Looks like you guys had fun.I got 7 adult color books, bed sheets,picture of my chloe and my nieces,Color cup,and a few other goodies. My dad is a carpenter(contractor) who is now retired. He surprised me with a beautiful cabinet with a glass door. It fits 25 shot glasses. I collect them and have about 115 of them.I had to leave the cabinet at my moms because it was heavy. As soon as I get it home I'll take pictures of it to show you. Its just amazing. Thank you again for the card. That was so sweet of you.God Bless 😀

Jackie said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun with your family! I love those fries gloves!