Thursday, December 29, 2016

Heck Of A Christmas - Round 3

Christmas Eve brood

Yep, it's another Christmas post!  

Christmas Eve was celebrated at my sister's house.  It's been that way for several years.  We eat, exchange gifts, then eat some more.

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I load up on food, then leave half of it sitting there while I loathe in misery and bloat.
Alec (aka Ralphie)

We didn't get a visit from Santa Claus, but "Ralphie" showed up in his bunny suit with gifts for the kids.  

Since we are a large family, each person draws another's name during Thanksgiving and we purchase a Christmas gift for when the time comes.  My sister received my name and got me a set of bed sheets.
Jason with his oldest, Allyson

Me with Traci and Donnie - This pic's for you, mom! 👼👼

How did you spend Christmas Eve?
Do you exchange gifts with everyone in the family or draw names?


Peggy said...

My children are in other parts of the country. So we exchange gifts with my sister and her husband. We are at their house when their children come home.

easymacbb said...

bacon egg and sheese

Renee said...

That kid in the rabbit suit kills me every time---one day Alec is going to date and he is going to regret that bunny suit hahaha But, until then, he looks happy and hilarious :)

Unknown said...

We get together at my daughter's house with her family and my son-in-laws family and eat and open gifts. Fun times!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Bed sheets are a good gift! We only buy for the kids in our family, not the adults. Though, I do make cookies for each of the adults to take home, so I guess that's kind of a gift, no?

Sue Hull said...

Every year on Christmas eve my daughter,alex and my granddaughter come over. We do our gifts because it's easier than having to bring so many presents to my moms house on Christmas day.The wk before Christmas we have an early Christmas with my dad & stepmom. We draw names too. I didnt do it this year because I couldnt afford it.Then Christmas day we're all over at my moms for brunch, gifts and have fun visiting. We always end up laughing. It's fun making new memories.