Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's National Terra Day

Becky, Alaina, Ali, Me

It may not officially be National Terra Day, but I'm deeming it as such.  Why, you ask?  Cuz it's my birthday, yo!  

I've hit the big 4-0.  I'm sure showing signs of aging but still have the mentality of a twenty year-old.  Prim and proper and all serious is not my game.  Now if I could only quit peeing myself every time I cough or laugh.

Becky on the mic

My hubby had a small surprise gathering for me Friday night.  We ate lotsa appetizers, pretended we could sing while we did karaoke, and threw a few back.

My sister gifted me with a zombie baby and my friend had a dozen flowers delivered.

I got a tote bag from another friend and a good stock of Jagermeister.  And because my sister knows me all too well, I received miniature Monster High dolls.  What, doesn't every 40 year-old woman own 'em? #Don'tJudge

Jason did the whole cash thing and gave me enough to take a trip to Six Flags Holiday in the Park. #TotallyRecommend

I like National Terra Day so much, I may have to turn it into a month-long event!


Rhonda Gales said...

Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a blessed one.

Renee said...

Happy birthday yesterday!
My birthday is later this month and was telling my husband the other day that I was aging well because I only peed myself SOMETIMES and not all the time like most women beyond their twenties! HAha These are the goals you have to look forward to, young people!!