Friday, December 23, 2016

Remembering A Loved One with Precious Moments - Review

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One of the first things you see when you enter my sister's home is a large curio cabinet with collectibles.  Many of them are Precious Moments figurines and ornaments.  She collected them for many years, and still receives some from time to time as gifts.

I haven't ever necessarily been a collector of Precious Moments but do have a couple pieces.  I can see why they're popular and why people are so fond of the brand.  And now I have a new Precious Moments figurine - "No Tears Past the Gate".
This Precious Moments figurine resonates heavily with me and is now one of my favorite decor pieces in my home.  Made of bisque porcelain, it shows a girl standing at the gates of Heaven with a tear running down her face.  An angel stands on the other side, and words scripted on the gate say "No More Tears".  

As many of you know, my mother passed away in April and it's been very hard on me.  She wasn't just my parent, she was also my best friend.  I've cried so much and so hard that it physically hurts at
The "No More Tears" Precious Moments figurine doesn't necessarily take away the pain but it honestly helps remind me that my mother is now in Heaven.  She has no more tears.  She has no more pain.  She's in a good place.  It's me that's crying, not her.  Seeing the figurine gives me an understanding of where she's at with her place in eternity.  

Not only that, the figurine is very well crafted and quite adorable.

Do you have any Precious Moments collectibles?
What techniques have helped you cope with grief?


mail4rosey said...

My daughter's first Bible was a Precious Moments Bible. :)

Adaptable Kay said...

I've never been much of a collector of Precious Moments but you are right, they are definitely highly collectable and very cherished by so many. I think your newest figurine is beautiful BECAUSE it holds so much meaning to you. Merry Christmas and happy holiday to you and your family!

Peggy said...

I don't have any Precious Moments but I really do like the No More Tears. I am not sure how I have handled my grief, not very well I guess. My sister has been gone 16 years and I still cry when I talk about her.

Renee said...
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Renee said...

I don't collect figurines because I loathe dusting but I have a Precious Moments Bible and a coloring book. Your mom in her Eeyore pjs behind that beautiful figurine--very touching!
I focus on the good times to deal with my grief. I try to remember that my loved ones wouldn't want me sad all the time; they would want me living life, joking around, sharing stories about them and telling others about all the crazy stuff they said or did when they were on this earth. The hurt never goes away but it moves over and makes room for happiness in your heart eventually.

Maryann D. said...

The "No More Tears" Precious Moments figurine is wonderful and I would find comfort looking at it and thinking of my mom in heaven also. I love Precious Moments and have a small collection of them also.
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