Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wordful Wednesday - Six Flags Holiday in the Park

I'm not particularly fond of this time of year, mainly because I don't get along well with the cold weather.  It's a hate/hate relationship.  I prefer to stay inside and hibernate.  Must have been a bear in my previous life. 

Elfin' around

Any ole' how, I had such a magical time last Saturday at Six Flags St. Louis.  The weather outside was frightful, but the wonderment was so delightful.  It was the first time for this particular Six Flags to do Holiday in the Park.

Six Flags is my gig anyway but this was my favorite trip there.  It almost made me happy for winter...almost.  The park did a fantastic job of turning the place into a world of enchantment and wonder.  There were lights and decorations everywhere.  

Christmas Selfie

As far as holiday decorating goes, Six Flags didn't miss a beat.  Not to mention that there were costumed characters in several spots.  Santa was there too but that line was rather long and photos were kinda expensive.  So we skipped seeing him.

Bugs Bunny Santa

Probably due to the weather, we didn't have to wait long in many lines.  The park had a lot of people, but wasn't near as busy as it is during summer.  And yes, this fool right here rode some roller coasters.  In cold weather.  In the dark.  And it was awesome!

costumed character

There are also a handful of Christmas productions to see.  We checked out "The Majesty of Christmas", a musical that tells about the birth of Jesus.  The live animals were cool.  The cheesy "Glitter God" ruined it for me though.

Oh Becky, you are a shining star!

Six Flags Holiday in the Park is open for the rest of the year during certain days and hours.  If Christmas magic is your thing, check it out.  #TotallyRecommend


Renee said...

Bugs Bunny! In a Santa suit! I think my heart just grew three sizes this day.

We rode the water rides at night at Disney right before Thanksgiving and even though we were in Florida, we still almost froze so you are in good company. Fun knows no weather boundaries.