Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wordful Wednesday - Wrapping Party

Alaina, Rhonda, Felicia, Ali, and myself

My Small Group is freakin' amazing.  We get together on Tuesday nights to go over that week's church sermon.  But we're more than that.  We're also friends.  Most of the time I'm hanging out with one or all of my Small Group peeps.

This year as part of doing something kind this Christmas season, we took three names from the Senior Citizen Angel Tree.  I know Christmas is mostly about the kids, but a lot of times the elderly get left out.  There's at least three of them this year who will have a fantabulous Christmas.
Alaina making the present oh-so-pretty
Besides, it gave us girls a reason to shop.  Last night we gathered to wrap all the goodies, and I'll be taking them back to the Senior Center later today. 

 I'm gonna claw Victor's eyes out!

I had to throw this picture in the mix.  I'm not a hugger by  nature and most people know it.  But some people don't respect my boundaries (You know who you are!) and are bound and determined to make me hug.  #NotGonnaHappen

Have you donated to any organizations for the Christmas season?
Got all your Christmas wrapping done?


CindyWindy2003 said...

How fun, your ladies get togethers and all while hanging out having fun and working towards a great cause. You ladies are great!

Renee said...

Aww, how happy those seniors are going to be!!
My daughter's friend's house burned down right before Thanksgiving so we are donating to her family this year.
I am a side hugger--actually I am a no hugger but when people insist I throw one arm around their shoulders for about .2 seconds and give them a begrudging side hug. Unless it's my kids and they get full-on plus-sized mama bear might suffocate you hugs!