Friday, January 6, 2017

Resolved To Keep These Resolutions

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I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions.  For starters, I'm not motivated enough to care that deeply.  For two, I'd just end up quitting them by February.  And, for three, I don't see why people don't just start with what changes they want to make, rather than wait till the new year.  #JustBeingHonest

But this year, it's least for now.  I did make some New Year's resolutions and I'm gonna give them my all.  Hold me accountable, will ya?!

1.  It's Not About Me - I listened to a church sermon the other day that really struck a chord with me.  If I go through life without entitlement and selfishness and instead desire to serve others, my life will be changed and so will other's lives.  It's easy for me to do a favor for a friend or help if I'm in the mood.  The same usually can't be said otherwise.  Jesus didn't die on the cross for himself; He died on it for others.  In the same matter, I shouldn't make my life all about me.

2.  Get My Mental Status Back on Track - 2016 was a hard year for me.  My mother's death affected me more deeply than I thought it would.  I kinda went off the deep end there for a while.  I ended up being put on meds and seeing a counselor.  But the meds weren't my cup of tea.  Neither was the counselor.  I was on the Bipolar Roller Express.  I just started new meds last week, so wish me luck!  I've never been normal but I want to get back to MY state of normal.  I refuse to let depression define me and, like a Phoenix, I will rise out of the ashes.  (cue the Rocky music).

3.  Increase Water Intake - I drink water but not near enough.  Coffee and soda are my beverages of choice, with Jager thrown in from time to time.  A gal from my Small Group got all creative and made us a Water Challenge drinking jug.  She marked visual reminders on both sides, and its purpose is to get a gallon of water in a day.  Which means I have to fill the jug up twice.  So far, this has been the easiest resolution to keep.

What are your New Year's resolutions?


katy said...

Made it, broke it. I cannot give up Diet Coke cold turkey. Good luck with your resolutions.

Renee said...

Vowed to walk for exercise more so of course I instantly got a terrible cold I can't shake and it snowed after days and days of unseasonable warmth.

Sue Hull said...

I dont make resolutions.I want a closer relationship with God.I fell apart emotionally when my aunt passed away in 2015.I miss her every single day.I take an anti-depressant but its for panic attacks.I prayed and asked God to please heal my broken heart and for the sadness to go away.You know what? God healed my sad broken heart.I know you prayed for me also.Just like I pray for you everyday.You hang in there and remember Im always here if you ever need to talk. I want to be strong and pray for my neighbors because I dont like them.I know God forgives so I have to also.I know nothing is impossible with God 😀