Thursday, March 23, 2017

Going To See If the Hype Is Real

You know if something's on Facebook, it's got to be true!  

Actually, please don't think I'm dumb enough to fall for everything I see on the Internet.  I've read 'Gullible's Travels'.  

Any ole' how, I've been seeing where people are adding Apple Cider Vinegar to their water.  After doing some research and talking to people who swear by it, I purchased some Apple Vinegar Cider and a case of bottled water.  The gist is that you are to add 1-2 Tbsp. of the vinegar to a bottle of water and drink it.  If you want, you can add cinnamon or honey for taste.  

As for me, I just add the vinegar to the water and chug it like I'm doing a keg stand.  The stuff taste like dirty ass and doesn't smell much better.  

The supposed benefits of subjecting yourself to this torture is blood sugar control, weight loss, and lower cholesterol.  It's also supposed to help with digestion, which is my main reason for drinking it.  

I've only been going at it for three days now so I can't give you any pros or cons.  I'll keep you filled in.

What's your take on this?  Fad or For Real?  Do you down Apple Cider Vinegar?


Jackie said...

I've read about this but haven't tried it...mainly because I don't think I'd like the taste. I'm curious to see how it works for you and what you think.

Samantha said...

I can't do it! It smells so bad!
However, I do enjoy the virgin unprocessed coconut oil for everything. That hype is real!!

Suburban prep said...

I have been doing this on and off for a bit now. It is supposed to also supposed to help with circulation and kidney stones. I have had a blood clot in my past as well as kidney stones. It is also supposed to help with infections.
I do drink the water with the apple cider vinegar (with the Mother) and then I have recently found some sparkling beverages that have apple cider vinegar and they also have probiotics in them.

Renee said...

My husband, at his mother's advice, bought the same stuff you have pictured...he just couldn't do it. He tried drinking it plain, mixed in grape juice, with honey...nope. Just wasn't happening! I wouldn't get anywhere near the stuff so I personally have no idea if it works or what it tastes like, and I'd like to keep it that way. Good luck to you!

Unknown said...

I've tried to use this and well, each time I ran to the bathroom. If it tastes bad, it won't stay down. Best of luck to you!