Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Make them simple with just bread, butter and cheese or add more ingredients for a heartier sandwich - it's National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

Most of the time I just want it quick and easy, so I go for the original.  But, once in a while, I'll get somewhat fancy and stuff.  I posted a recipe a year ago for a Hawaiian Bread Inside Out Grilled Sandwich.  Here it is again in case you missed it the first time:


Miracle Whip
one package King's Hawaiian rolls
deli meat and cheese
electric griddle or large skillet

I use Black Forest Ham and Smoked Gouda Cheese, purchased from the local deli counter.

Using a large cutting knife, slice all the way down the middle of the King's Hawaiian rolls.  It should look like one big sandwich bun once you've cut it.

On the white side of the buns, use a butter knife to slather on Miracle Whip.  Make sure each side is completely covered. 

Place one slab of the rolls white side down on an electric griddle or skillet.  On the top side, place your meats and cheeses.  Allow the bottom side to cook for 5-6 minutes.  It should be golden brown and the cheeses and meats should be somewhat melted.  Using a spatula, flip it over and allow the other side to become grilled for approximately 5-6 minutes.  Once the sandwich has cooked, use a pizza cutter to cut in to slices.

It's really not much different than how you'd cook a grilled cheese sandwich.  Except it's cooked using mayonnaise instead of butter.  And it's used with Hawaiian Rolls rather than regular bread. 


CindyWindy2003 said...

OH how I love a grilled cheese, even just a simple one. When I feel like more though I'll add tomato, bacon, and or an avocado. YUMYUM!

An Apel a Day said...

This looks so yummy! I make grilled cheese in a quesadilla maker that we have. It grills both sides at once, melts the cheese just right, needs very little oil or butter, and it puts Southwestern images in the bread.

Unknown said...

OK. Change of dinner plans now! We were going to have ziti but we love grilled cheese and it is a little rainy today, so I thing the perfect dinner will be grilled cheese with cream of tomato soup. My mouth is watering.

Shelley said...

I loved grilled cheese! I usually make them with just cheese and sometimes will add some spinach inside as well!

Deborah Caudill said...

I guess I missed Grilled Cheese Day. I love grilled cheese. I like to add tomatoes sometimes. Your recipe looks and sounds delicious and I know my 27 year old son would love it. I am saving it to Pinterest so it doesn't get lost, as well as your mom's zucchini bread recipe.