Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's National Make Lunch Count Day

Arby's Classic Reuben sandwich

On April 13 we have an opportunity to break a trend that has been occurring around the country by joining in National Make Lunch Count Day.

This day was founded by TGI Fridays to remind people to get away from their desk and enjoy a real lunch.  I don't get the luxury of being away at my desk while I eat.  Due to where I work, there is no official lunch break.  We get up, cook a quick meal or order food in, and eat right at our desk where we work.  We don't even get to leave for lunch.  It is what it is.

According to a recent study commissioned by TGI Fridays, the majority of U.S. workers suffer from “FOLO” – otherwise known as a “Fear of Lunching Out.” Many workers eat lunch at their desk at least twice a week (73%) while one-third have lunch at their desk every day of the week.  Make today the one where you get out, eat a real lunch, and enjoy your meal. (Unless, of course, you work where I do!)

Applebee's meal

What about you - do you have time to eat lunch away from a desk or other constraints?  
What do you typically eat for lunch?