Sunday, April 30, 2017

Morel Mushrooms: My Kind of Delicacy

Pre-cooked morel mushrooms

Here in the Midwest, picking mushrooms is a big deal this time of year.  So much so, that people are usually tight-lipped about where they can be found.  We are not a part of the elite and can rarely find them.  Knowing me, I could be stepping over a whole mess of them and not know it.  

My husband did go on one mushroom hunting trip this year.  He didn't find any.  But, he did come home with a plastic Easter egg with a dollar in it!  

People who have been lucky enough to find a bunch have been selling them for $35 a pound.  Grocery stores were selling them for close to $70 lb.  As much as I loooove morel mushrooms, I couldn't justify spending that much.  

My son happened to be fishing the other day when he found one lone shroom.  And, he happily brought it home to me.  One of the best gifts ever!  My husband fried it up and let me eat the whole thing....all by myself.

Then, the heavens parted!  My good friend invited us over to their house the other night and presented us with a big ole' heaping of mushrooms.  Jason prepared them in egg, flour, and cracker mixture then fried them up.  I had a full-on foodgasm.  

I'm drooling just looking at these bad boys.

Have you had any luck with morel mushrooms this year?
How do you like to prepare them?


Adaptable Kay said...

It's funny you should mention these; my sister and her boyfriend just scored the motherload this past week while turkey hunting! My mom just fried some up yesterday and we had them over venison burgers for dinner. They truly are a delicacy that I love, too!

Mandy said...

Wow! I would be so scared to go mushroom hunting for fear of picking the wrong ones! But they look delicious!