Saturday, May 13, 2017

20/20 Panel: A Survey Site That Pays You

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What seems like many moons ago, when I first started browsing the World Wide Web, I was a member of several survey sites.  Some I've let go by the wayside due to lack of interest or lack of rewards, but one that I've kept up with is 20/20 Panel.

20/20 Panel is a survey site that's simple to join and easy to earn cash.  The research company has been in business since 1986.  By joining, emails will be sent to you and you will have the opportunity to tell companies what you think. Membership is free and you will receive money for each qualified survey you take. If you'd like to receive a little extra money just for giving your opinion, I'd recommend signing up with 20/20 Panel.  You may join if you are from the USA or Canada.  Please use my email of as the referral.