Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's National Piercing Day

lip piercing memes
(photo credit: memesuper.com)

If you've been wanting to get a piercing done, there's no excuses.  It's National Piercing Day!

I don't have any piercings at the present time.  My body doesn't react well to it.  I used to have my nose and tongue pierced. My brother did the nose with an earring gun. There's a reason reputable people don't do that!

 I miss the tongue piercing and would do it all over again, if it weren't for the fact that I wouldn't be able to talk for days. Kinda need to for my job.  I also did the whole Marilyn Monroe piercing once.  Got infected after a year.

My husband has his tongue pierced.  I'm a fan!  He used to have his nips pierced.  It's my fault he doesn't have those anymore.  My rings kept getting caught up in them and he'd had enough of that.

Do you have any piercings or are there any in particular you'd like to get?

lip piercing memes


One Tick to Be Sick said...

I used to have my lip pierced but I got tired of it. Now I have my daith pierced. I originally got it because there was the whole "it might help migraines" thing going around, but it never did that for me. Still, it looks pretty neat so I've kept it!

Renee said...

Had to google "Marilyn Monroe piercing" and the results were not frightening like I was imagining. Whew! I can't even remember to wear earrings so I don't waste my money on other piercings, but I remember when my teenage niece got her nose pierced. Her grandparents basically told her she was on a highway to hell hahaha (She wasn't. She's a nice, normal, human with a nose ring, almost 10 years later.)

Lynne B said...

The most adventurous I've been with piercing is my ears. lol

Kathy Davis said...

I just had 3 piercing on my ear cartilage, and I've really had ups and downs with the healing, and discomfort.