Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Memorial Day and Wrecks

Stacy Uncorked is doing another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Get on over there and link your posts with all the randomness you've got.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Did you celebrate in any way?  I went to a friend's house Sunday night and ate way too much food.  Then we pretended we could sing with karaoke and played Charades.  We stayed up past 4 am so I'd say it was good times.
This is one of the many reasons Felicia is my friend.

All three of my kids worked their arses off for Pepsi over Memorial Day weekend.  It paid off.  The boss called to let them know that all three Waid kids did a fantastic job and they will be the only three employees getting fat bonuses on their paycheck.
Adam starts a new full-time job next week.  He'll still work for Pepsi a couple days a month but his new job will be at a steel manufacturing facility.  It's a local business with only a handful of employees.  The pay and benefits will be good, but it will be hotter than Hades once the full heat of summer gets here.  It's one of those places that takes a special kind of people that don't mind sweating like a stuck pig.  I'm not one of those people.  #ImAnAirBaby

I caught Helen sleeping all sorts of cockeyed on my couch the other day.  She has no qualms about making herself at home.  Misty, the cat, has laid claim to our recliner.  I swear she believes it's hers, and no one else has any right whatsoever to it.  The struggle to sit there is real.

During church service Thursday evening Jason received a text that no parent wants to get.  His oldest daughter was in a wreck.  After lots of tests at the ER, it was confirmed that Allyson is okay.  The wreck was her fault and her car is totaled but she is okay and that's what counts.  She's very sore from the air bag deployment and the seat belt.  It's something that time will have to heal.
What's your randomness for the week?
Do your pets run your household?


Forgetfulone said...

My cat runs my household in many ways! My husband likes to say that he can't say no to her. Sorry to hear about that wreck. Those air bags save lives, but they're brutal! I broke my shoulder due to air bag deployment 17 years ago, and it's never been the same. Glad you had a good Memorial Day!

LA Botchar said...

Oh my! So glad his daughter is okay - that looks truly scary. thank goodness.

I like how your friend Adults - LOL. That is awesome. I don't think I have any friends that could ever stay up until 4 am. Shameful.

Our cat believes he owns pretty much everything in the house. he spends a little time each day in each bed, chair and couch. Just to cover all the bases (in hair).