Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PLAYMOBIL Ice Cream Truck - Review

I received product for review from PLAYMOBIL.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

PLAYMOBIL, one of the top toy manufacturers in the world, remains at the forefront of creative play with a continued mission to inspire children to explore the depths of their imaginations.  The new PLAYMOBIL Ice Cream Truck is a perfect addition to their product line this summer.

I keep toys for younger children on hand at home because friends and family of that age are always stopping by.  Recently my friend's daughter, Azra, came over so I could babysit while mom was away.  I brought out the PLAYMOBIL Ice Cream Truck and it kept Azra busy the whole time.

The PLAYMOBIL Ice Cream Truck has 64 pieces and some assembly is required.  That's part of the fun of it.  Azra is 8 years old and was able to completely assemble all the pieces by herself, with the exception of the back doors.  She needed help putting them right side up.  There is an illustrated diagram included with the set to show what pieces and stickers go where.

There are several little ice cream pieces and people that come with this set.  Because they are so small, they can be a choking hazard to little children.  I gave Azra a baggie to put the small pieces in when she's not playing with them so they don't get lost.  

The Ice Cream set includes one adult figure, three child figures, ice cream truck, table, ice cream, cones, dishes, ice cream scoop, beverages, and other accessories.

The wheels of the ice cream truck are movable, and the awning opens and closes.  The back doors also open and close.  Azra likes this set so much that I let her have it and take it  home.  Her mother has relayed that Azra has lots of fun with it still.  This is a fun playset that encourages imagination.  


Jackie said...

This is adorable....something my daughters would have loved playing with when they were younger.

MyKidsMom said...

She STILL loves this! She's played with it at least 4 separate times since we left your house. That was only 2 days ago...she NEVER plays with things {it seem} for more than a day. Seriously! I love Playmobil brand. We've have a farm/barn set that both kids played with for a few years but finally passed it on to a friend. I noticed with this, she had fun building it but also playing pretend with her brother and the infamous "chippy" Chipmunk. Taking turnes buying and selling ice cream with the little people included. You're awesome Terra!!! I miss you already!

Sue Hull said...

This looks so fun! My niece is 9 and would so love this.This would be a great Christmas gift.Cute little girl.