Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Birthdays and Bridesmaids

Stacy Uncorked is doing another dose of Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Link up at her site if you'd like to play along.
This has been the week of birthdays.  Which means a lot of people were busy in the month of October!

Logan and Emma had their birthdays.  He turned 19 and she turned 15.  We took them out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

My nephew, Ozzy, celebrated his 13th birthday with a carry-in and swimming party at the local campground.  I actually watched this kid be born.

Putting Azra to work.  If I was gonna be there, I was gonna get pampered too!

Saturday I volunteered to help with an overnight spa birthday party.  Seven girls and none of them were mine.  (Never say I'm not a good friend!)  We went swimming, ate pizza, watched a movie, put on face masks, and did pedicures.
This week is nothing but a mad dash to get stuff done for the yard sale this weekend.  I'm holding a yard sale at my house to raise money for the upcoming mission trip.  I thought I was almost done pricing stuff but tons more was donated last night.  No complaints; Just gotta get busy!

Shelby asked her oldest step-sister, Allyson, to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.  She said yes!
That's five people down and two more to go.  
There's going to be seven attendants on each side.
Adam was asked to be a groomsman and Logan was asked to be an usher.  
The whole fam damily is going to have to save up to pay for tuxes and dresses!
What randomness do you have for the week?
How's your summer been so far?


An Apel a Day said...

It seems like the wedding plans are going smooth for her.

I watched a nephew being born too. He's 12. I remember being slightly on edge. I was pregnant too. My sister didn't use any drugs.