Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wordful Wednesday - Iowa Trip

Jason grilling hot dogs and hamburgers

Well, guys, the time for my bestie to move came and went.  She is officially three hours away from me.  I don't normally travel far and that, to me, is far.  I'm going to throw the Transparent Card out there and tell ya that I've had good friends who I haven't put in a lot of extra effort to keep.  If they decided they didn't want to hang or they moved on for whatever reason, I didn't give it a care in the world.

I'm not going to let that happen this time.  Me and Alaina have grown close and I consider her family my family.  She may have moved away but she ain't getting rid of me!
Me and Jason at La Cantina's Bar and Grill

Last Saturday Jason and I traveled to Iowa and checked out their new place.  It's a freakin mansion!  There wasn't a lot of downtime to relax and catch up because several people were there unpacking and decorating.  But the downtime we did have was great.
Alaina and Todd's food from the Mexican bar and grill came out in a cauldron.

For most of the day the girls were together shopping in select stores while the guys were doing their shopping elsewhere.  Stores don't excite me much, including the Target we ventured into (I know, that's fighting words!)  I did come upon my new favorite store in the while wide world when I went into Stuff, etc.  It's a consignment store that has everything for everyone.  I could've spent a whole paycheck in there.  Now I have to keep being friends with Alaina.  I need a place to stay when I come up to Iowa to shop at Stuff, etc!

Later that night a group of us headed to La Cantina's Bar and Grill and ate outside on the patio.  The menu was Mexican food and it was oh-so-delish!  The next day we packed up a picnic lunch and headed to the local playground.  Then it was time to head home (sad face).

We're already making plans to visit again, and soon!

My Mexican meal - Chimichangas, rice, and refried beans


Rowell Reviews said...

Where in Iowa did you visit? I have a friend that is the manager of our local Stuff. Pretty cool place! And that food looks delicious, I want my food to come out in a cauldron, how awesome! ~Billie

MyKidsMom said...

Hi Billie, we live in a small town next door to Cedar Rapids Iowa. The Stuff etc store is on Blairs Ferry Rd. Such a fun place to go!

MyKidsMom said...

I'm so glad I brainwashed you before I left town! Now you can't live without me! I'm ready for you to come back!!! Come during the week....then We can have long days to hang without the boys, we'll get some sun, maybe do a little day drinkin' & relax! (Lemonaid of course) miss you bestie!!!

Sandra Watts said...

I would love to have some Chimichangas. That sounds good!